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Pleasure Cube (fm:sci-fi/fantasy, 2456 words)

Author: Geminine Picture in profile
Added: Jun 03 2018Views / Reads: 1745 / 1322 [76%]Story vote: 9.61 (18 votes)
(Inspired by Hellraiser) At a house party, two girls find a a golden cube and unlock the pleasure configuration.

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Megan stopped in the narrow hallway of the party house, snatched her friends wrist. She waited for a moment, listening. A strand of black hair fell loose from her bun and dangled in front of her blue eyes. She combed it behind her ear. "Jaylo, did you hear that?"

To the right, a short Spanish girl heightened a brow. "Yeah..."

They both turned to the door on their left, inched closer.

"UUh-ggghhh!" the male voice groaned again.

The girls jumped back, looked at each other in a mixture of shock and glee.

"Should we..." Megan's eyebrows jumped in excitement.

"No..." Jaylo started to turn way but spun right back. "Yeah..."

They, again, eased closer. Megan grabbed the door handle, turned it ever so gently. The door creaked open, and they snuck a peek through the slit.

The light was on, ceiling fan on a low twirl. Just below, on the foot of the bed, a young man was on his knees with his arms stretched wide, as though tied to the walls by an invisible rope. He was completely naked: thin shredded torso and average veiny erection.

Megan and Jaylo whipped their heads to one another before withdrawing their iPhones.

"It's Joss." Megan flipped to her camera and video recorded the scene.

"What the hell is he doing?" Jaylo asked while typing a text. "They have to see this."

"Ah—grrhhhh!" Joss trembled and threw his head back. He appeared to be pulling against the invisible binds. His body locked up. Face turned red. The head of his cock turned a deep purple. He growled as a stream of ejaculate shot across the room and splattered against the dresser.

"Oh shit..." Megan's eyes broadened.

Jaylo glanced up from her text. "What happened?"

"Don't worry..." Megan held Joss in the frame of her iPhone. "...I got it."

A buzz of whispers sounded from down the hall just as a herd of people came around the corner. With plastic cups in their hands, filled with frothy booze, they approached Megan and Jaylo. Their voices died down into soft whispers.

Once they gathered around, Megan turned to them and counted down with her hands. "One... two... three!" Megan swung the door open and rushed inside with the crowd on her heels.

The invisible ropes released Joss. His arms flopped to his sides. He hunched forward, catching his breath. As the party-goers ridiculed him, he just lay still while staring off into space. He didn't appear to care or acknowledge anyone.

People filed in, one after another. They giggled, snapped photos, and murmured about the popular boy's predicament.

A gold cube, the size of a baseball, suddenly materialized in thin air. The device dropped to the carpet and rolled against Jaylo's shoe.

"What the hell?" Jaylo knelt down and picked it up. She checked over each shoulder, at the crowd, but no one seemed to notice the cube but her. Their attention was on Joss. After giving it a quick look, Jaylo stuffed the cube in her purse.


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Jo Jo writes Wed 20 Jun 2018 07:52:

I really like that

Jo xxxx


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