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Achieving the Goal, Opened My World (fm:slut wife, 12078 words)

Author: Ann Stinson Picture in profile
Added: Jun 07 2018Views / Reads: 3047 / 2694 [88%]Story vote: 9.66 (38 votes)
Neglected married wife takes on fundraising role and successfully achieves the goal, leading to wild sex and fun opportunities missing from her life. Could fit many categories.

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It's strange how things happen in life that you didn't anticipate, how situations find you and why sometimes all it takes is for someone to pay a little bit of attention to you, or make you feel special to take you out of your predictable life and upend your norms. This is an account of what happened to me and where I allowed things to go.

I've always been active in our community and involved with several organizations, serving on the board with a few of them. I had been appointed as chairperson for the fundraising committee with one of the groups and was responsible for raising at least $100,000 from local and regional businesses via their advertisements in our annual community publication, and sponsorship of events throughout the year.

The past few years our revenues had been declining, so the board decided to replace the members on the fundraising committee with me and two others. After agreeing on a plan, we got off to a rather quick start and soon had $30,000 in commitments from various businesses. Then things slowed, and six weeks later we were only up to a little more than $48,000. One of the committee members, Brett, accepted a new job and left our organization as he was going to be moving in a few weeks. That left just Donna and me to raise the remaining $52,000 that was expected by our board.

Between balancing my responsibilities at home with my frequently absent husband and our two kids, tending to my father who was in a nursing home about 2 hours away from where we lived, and some free lance work that I had picked-up, I had a full schedule so finding the time to fundraise was very challenging. I did my best to call and email during the day when possible, and made in-person calls as often as I could, but when I tried a few times in the evening it didn't work out well as most businesses were closed, or the decision maker wasn't there.

Donna and I continued to struggle and eventually we had raised almost $67,000 for the group. I decided to dedicate a few straight days to try and finish things up and visited a number of businesses in the area. I was frustrated after the first day as my efforts only raised another $4,000, and I almost called off going back out to solicit other businesses on Day 2. But that morning when I woke-up, after getting the kids off to school, I made a commitment to myself to figure out a way to get the job done and went into the day fully motivated.

I decided to think big and drove about 30 minutes away to a company that no one had approached before, a successful manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom fixtures that employed a number of people in our community. As I parked my car in the parking lot, and started to walk towards the building, a friendly, well-dressed man noticed me as he was also walking to the building and said "Well someone in human resources clearly didn't tell me we hired a beautiful new member of the team....." I was startled by his comment and then smiled and said "Oh thank you, that was nice, but I'm not a new employee, I'm hoping to speak with someone about being a sponsor for a local community organization that needs help...."

He stopped walking, which caused me to do the same, and put out his hand and said "Oh, well it's too bad that you won't be working here as I'd enjoy seeing more of you, but I'm happy to talk to you about whatever it is that you're looking for......I'm Andrew Bonner and I own the place...."

I put out my hand to Andrew and said "It's nice to meet you Andrew, I guess it's my lucky day, I'm Anne.....isn't it a little late for you to be showing up to work?" Andrew laughed and said "Oh I'm here too much as it is, but I had a dentist appointment this morning and now my pearly whites are all polished and clean." He then smiled to show me his newly cleaned teeth and we both laughed. He then nodded and said "If you're ok following the late guy, come on up to my office and we can talk about whatever it is you want...."

I followed Andrew into the building and past the receptionist who tried to have me sign-in but Andrew waived her off. We took the elevator to the 5th floor, as he talked to me about the company and how he took over the business from his Father about 5 years ago. We walked past a kitchen area and he offered me tea, coffee and water. I took the water and we proceeded into his office. As I looked around he encouraged me to sit on a sofa off to the side of his office, and he sat in a

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