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Two Wrongs Make a Right (fm:one-on-one, 13887 words) [1/9] show all parts

Author: Fluffy_Kat Picture in profile
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Two people on the wrong side of the law are attracted to one another. Sparks fly. But can they find a way to be together with the law and dangerous enemies standing in their way?

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Two Wrongs Make a Right

Chapter 1: Belize

September 2010

She watched him through high power binoculars from the balcony of her hotel room in Cabo San Lucas. The room overlooked the marina and city, giving her an eagle's eye view of Nicolás Rivera's yacht the Luna Llena Feliz.

A handsome man, powerfully built, he moved like a big cat, his gestures fluid, graceful. Despite his wealth, he dressed casually almost sloppily in loose-fitting clothes with a day's growth of facial hair casting the lower half of his face in shadow. His dark hair was kept short and when he didn't wear it slicked back, it dried in unruly curls. The most arresting thing about him was his eyes. They changed color depending upon his mood: dark blue when he was in a playful, happy mood and dark gray when his mood turned deadly and dangerous. She hoped to never see those dark gray eyes directed at her.

His loose fitting cotton khaki pants, the cuffs folded up a couple of inches, fluttered around his legs as he walked along the main deck of his yacht, a cup of coffee in his hand. He was barefoot and his long sleeve white shirt was opened, flapping back away from his well muscled chest. As she admired him from afar she thought this assignment won't be difficult at all.

Rowen Wolfe had been conducting surveillance on Nicolás Rivera for over a month. She followed him from Corpus Christi, Texas through the Panama Canal and up to Cabo San Lucas in a modest yacht. She was collecting information on the elusive Rivera to determine how to approach him and eventually seduce him for her assignment. Two of her team helped with the surveillance, their information added to what she and others had collected on Rivera.

Nicolás Rivera was a loner, quiet. She seldom observed him out clubbing and when he did go out, his bodyguards were clever, shadowing him rather than crowding him. Nicolás Rivera liked to maintain his personal space. Unlike so many of his cohorts in the business, he did not surround himself with a bevy of beautiful women. She was unsure whether it was due to distrust or personal taste.

He'd been married to an American woman once. Simone Rivera née Devereux was a beautiful woman, porcelain skin, dark auburn hair and hazel eyes. Voluptuous and compact, she was a gentle, private woman. Her family had mob ties in New Orleans, her marriage to Rivera as much a business agreement as a romantic union. Her father made sure she was sheltered as a child, living the life of a wealthy socialite rather than mobster's daughter. The result was a young woman who was too trusting and unaware of the world's evil. Her sweet disposition was the reason she and their young son were killed. Since her murder, Nicolás avoided long term relationships, choosing to bed women here and there, often discarding them after a single night or a few weeks at most.

Since arriving in Cabo San Lucas, she did notice he favored a small bar off the tourists' beaten path, a place patronized by locals and a few brave tourists intent on experiencing the local life. He was well known there, the employees and regulars giving him a wide berth and protecting his privacy.

Rowen frequented the bar when she knew he wasn't going to be there. She got to know some of the employees and regulars, regaling them with tales of her life as a novelist. She was shadowed by two of her team posing as tourists in case she needed a distraction to escape.

She took photos of Nicolás with a telephoto lens as he and some of his bodyguards took a dinghy to shore. Today was the day she planned to make contact.


Nicolás entered the darkened bar the air smelling of stale beer and cigarette smoke. Someone was smoking a Cuban cigar, its distinct scent easily recognizable. He sat at a corner table and was joined by Pablo,

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