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Hotel Quickie With A Good Friend (fm:slut wife, 2382 words)

Author: oppy-n-rose Picture in profile
Added: Jun 14 2018Views / Reads: 4161 / 3034 [73%]Story vote: 9.52 (31 votes)
While spending a night at a hotel, I hook up for a quick fuck session with a close friend...

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After recently reconnecting with an old friend of my husband's, things began to get a little interesting. My husband and I had been discussing the possibility of adding a little spice to our marriage and on several occasions we had discussed the possibility of me fucking someone else. My husband seemed to be turned on by the idea of me coming home and telling him about getting fucked by another guy. We had decided that it would mostly be strangers but my husband also had this fantasy of watching his good friend fuck me. They grew up together and during their high school years, his friend Mike was quite the player while my husband was the good guy asked me out on a date and the rest was history. He knew that his buddy Mike had fucked a bunch of the girls that we hung out with back then and that I was one of the girls that he wanted to fuck but wasn't able to, or so my husband thought. What he didn't know was that I had a little secret, and Mike and I already had a bit of a past. It had occurred a very long time ago and I was able to keep it a secret after all these years. I was young and horny at the time and my husband and I had only been dating for a few months when this had occurred.

Back then, since neither one of us had our own place yet, we would fuck each other whenever the opportunity presented itself. I lost my virginity in the backseat of my boyfriend's car and ended up fucking him many more times in the backseat. We would also sneak quick fucks whenever our parents weren't around and we had the opportunity. After doing this for a bit, my then boyfriend began renting a hotel room every once in a while at the local Hampton Inn where we would proceed to spend several hours fucking each other like crazy. We did this for a while and it was during one of these get-togethers, that things got a little spicy and crazy for me.

It was late one Friday night and we had just finished a pretty good session of fucking when my boyfriend decided that he was going to go back into town to get us some food. I didn't mind since we had been going at it pretty good for the last couple of hours. On that night, his friend Mike was across the hall in a hotel room doing the same thing with a girl that he had been talking to. Apparently he had recently met her and they were hooking up and having some fun. As my boyfriend got dressed to run back into town, I threw on a robe and turned the TV on to watch it while he was gone. Once he was dressed, he told me he was going to go across the hall and see if they wanted anything to eat and then he'd be on his way.

I sat and watched TV in the room and within a few minutes, there was a knock on the door. I got up to see who it was and figured it was my boyfriend and he had probably forgotten something. As I opened the door, I saw Mike standing there wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a T-shirt and holding a stuffed teddy bear along with some flowers and some candy with a couple other gifts. I quickly invited him into the room and asked him what was up. He had a sad look on his face so I knew there must've been something going on.

He looked at me and handed me all the gifts, while telling me that his date had stood him up and that he really didn't want to throw all the stuff in the trash so he was giving it to me. I asked him what had happened as I felt disappointed for him and he told me that she had never shown up and didn't even give him a reason why. He was frustrated because the room wasn't cheap and he had also spent a bunch of money on the gifts. I thanked him for giving me the gifts as it was very thoughtful of him to think of me and the two of us stood in the room and chatted for a bit. I felt really bad for him because I knew how much the guys looked forward to these Friday nights at the hotel since Mike was in a similar situation and still lived at home with his parents.

As we were chatting, he looked around and saw clothing all over the room as well as the box of condoms that we had been using and jokingly said it looked like we were having a great time. We joked around back and forth with each other about it and as we were doing so I found myself playfully flirting and complimenting him, trying to cheer him up. Like I said, I was young and horny and was also pretty sympathetic for his situation.

As we went back and forth, my boyfriend shot me a text message and told me that the diner was pretty busy and he was going to be a little while. I replied back to him and told him to let me know when he was on

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