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Mary Mead (fm:adultery, 3987 words)

Author: NoSayQuien Picture in profile
Added: Jun 14 2018Views / Reads: 1779 / 1278 [72%]Story vote: 8.89 (18 votes)
Mary suffered through some hard times, but in the end, she was such a happy girl!

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Mary Mead

She had a need

She didn't know what

To do

Her husband Steve

Did not perceive

He didn't have

A clue

Some guy named Dirk

A real jerk

Figured out The score

Dirk fucked Steve's bride

He split her wide

Now Mary Just wants more

<With a big thank you to Alyssa for the inspiration>

Mary Mead was really "nice." She was an only child, and she came from a really stable, loving family. The family went to Church each Sunday while Mary was growing up, and Mary was a leader in the Church youth group. In high school, Mary had girlfriends, not boyfriends. Her parents even asked her about it. "I guess I might be a little shy," Mary said. "I just want to take things slow." Bill, a boy from the Church, did take Mary to the High School graduation dance, but when Bill put his hands on Mary's butt, during a slow dance, and pulled her into his obvious hard-on, she pulled away from him. She handled it with great tact, though. She didn't act offended or anything. There wasn't any scene. "Let's sit this one out," she told Bill.

All during high school, it was like Mary's "on" switch just wasn't "on." That's how it seemed to everyone who knew her. Some of Mary's girlfriends fucked like crazy in high school and of course they told her all about it. Mary took it all in, listened to every juicy description, and she never expressed any moral or other objections. For whatever reason, Mary just didn't seem tempted to start having sex herself. This is what Mary told her girlfriends, when they tried to hook her up. "I'm no prude, you know. Maybe I'm just prudent." Mary really had that line down pat. She even used it on boys a few times.

In college, Mary was in a sorority, but she very rarely went to any of the fraternity-sorority parties. They sometimes got pretty wild. Mary knew how those parties went, of course, and that's what kept her away. "I have to study," Mary always said. Mary did study, too. She got Phi Beta Kappa, and Honors in English. She also was quite an athlete, which burned off energy big time. In her junior year, Mary came in third in the Northern Division cross-country finals, and she was fifth at state. Both the women's tennis team and the women's swimming team relied on her. During college, Mary did become a bit more social, and she wasn't a complete prude. When boys asked her out, Mary would usually suggest a movie, and she made out with the ones she liked. She let them feel her up in the car, too, after the show. But only through her clothes! No one got to slip a finger into Mary's moist little pussy. And.... (although she never told anyone) it really did get moist. Saturated, to be honest!

Mary, you would have to say, had a real "mind over matter" type of control, and for whatever reason, she decided to hold off on sex. Somehow, she was able to have lots of friends, and to be well-liked, but without any significant sexual involvement at all. Not until her senior year in college, that is.

When Mary was a senior, she was in a special honors program for

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