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The Hot Tub (fm:group, 3529 words)

Author: Lyn Picture in profile
Added: Jun 16 2018Views / Reads: 3492 / 2832 [81%]Story vote: 9.52 (42 votes)
I recently held a poll on whether my next story should be "Young Lyn" or "Older and bolder" or even "post marriage" - the most popular choice was the latter. So , here is a story with me and my husband, and another coupl

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I recently ran a survey to ask my (ES) readers whether they would like my next story to be Young Lyn, or Older and Bolder or post marriage.

The most popular choice was Young Lyn, but of course you are all DIRTY BASTARDS, and you want the school girl Lyn on her knees in front of some older man's too-big cock and all that.

However, I have decided on this occasion to go for my first post marriage story.

I was sitting in the lounge with my gorgeous husband Steve, and an email popped up on our email, our Steve&Lyn account, not my personal account, asking if we were interested in meeting, and it was from a couple in Guernsey. My blood ran cold for a moment, as I keep my past life and all my many assignations very much under wraps as far as my husband is concerned.

His understanding is that I've had 5 proper relationships and 2 or 3 one night stands or brief affairs.

I went to look over his shoulder, once I had my breathing under control. It turned out to be addressed to Steve&Lynne and our surname, and thus was a wrong number effectively. I very casually pointed this out.

There were two attachments, pictures.

"Open them" I grinned

The first one was a prefecly decent picture of a very attractive couple at a table outside somewhere sunny, drinking wine. They were dressed but her skimpy top left little to the imagination, she was GORGEOUS, with lovely big tits. She was mid 20's I guessed, and her partner some five years older. He was gorgeous as well.

"Open the other one" I said

He did, the second attachment had XXX as part of the title.

They were in a 69 position, her shaved pussy on his face, and the mans's cock was in the foreground, rock hard and wet from her mouth or her pussy. And he was HUGE. Fabulous cock.

I put my hand over my mouth.

"God he's BIG" I giggled, looking away

"Jesus" said Steve

We were a bit turned on, so we finished our wine and went to bed.

Steve was hard already as he undressed. I got him to watch me masturbate from up close, and I gave him a quick suck, and them pulled him onto me. He penetrated my wet cunt easily and talked dirty to me as we fucked. I came first, with Steve soon after and he ground his cock deep inside me as he spurted his hot come into my womb.

We lay panting.

Sated, we both dropped off to sleep.

I woke after a while as the come had spped out and wet the bed under me.

Steve stirred.



"Would you ever consider ... doing something like that, with another couple, I don't mean swapping, necessarily, but you know, all having sex in the same room for example?"

"Are you getting bored with US, already?" I teased.

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Tommeee writes Tue 19 Jun 2018 16:08:

Well done! Again!


stuart writes Sun 17 Jun 2018 09:56:

Delicious, as usual


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