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It all comes back to you (fm:first time, 1281 words)

Author: Bethtl
Added: Jun 18 2018Views / Reads: 1237 / 631 [51%]Story vote: 8.89 (9 votes)
I imagined what might happen if I had the chance to give my first love all of my firsts.

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What had she been thinking coming home with him tonight? Even asking him for drinks had been a mistake she knew. In fact, she had known it every time she picked up the phone to initiate contact with him, and every time she knew better and deleted the message. Every time until today.

It had been years since their relationship. Years since they had even spoken. Years since his touch had set her desires aflame. Years since she repeatedly denied them what they yearned for.

And she knew that's what really drove her to reach out to him. Her mind and heart both tried to be her guides, but her body could not be denied anymore.

So they enter the doorway and her body trembled at being close to him again. It remembered the feel of his tall build against hers and longs to feel its weight. She wonders if he really understands her goal for tonight. This wouldn't be the first time she worked him up just to walk away. He probably feels as much a fool as she does.

She feels her fear begin to rise against her lust in this moment and knows it's now or never. Boldly, she turns to him, hands against his hips as he towers over her petite frame making her feel so small. He leans down and pulls her in for a kiss. His taste is so familiar no matter what time had passed. Her hands shake as she reaches to unbutton his shirt. She can feel him second guessing what has begun, but she can't let him or herself stop this night. She wants him. She needs him. She begins to place tender kisses on his chest as her hands fumble with the buttons. In that moment, any resolve he may have been building to resist her is defeated. He lifts her to him and she wraps her legs around his waist as he guides them to the bedroom.

For her, the next few moments become a blur of clothes being removed and hands discovering her body. Though she may have orchestrated this night, she knows she is his to lead now. His hands are rough but talented. And yet, with all their experience, they take special care to explore her as if this was something brand new to him. She knew their relationship had marked both of them, but tonight he is showing her just how much he has longed for her body in a way no other lover since had satisfied. His hands seem to travel a memorized pattern which makes her feel he has imagined this night as often as she has. It's as if they both know the steps to a dance they have never shared together. But then again, things with him had always just made sense, why wouldn't this.

He expertly maneuvered over her. Hands worshipping her breasts, kissing from her neck down to her chest. Her whole body is boiling and she has never been so aware of her desire and wetness. His hand travels to the origin of her heat. A finger delicately begins to trace her lower folds, testing and teasing as a hot breath blows over a breast. Her brain makes one final attempt to warn her of the regret tomorrow will bring, but as a finger enters her tightness and his mouth sucks in her nipple she becomes lost in him and her and now.

She runs her nails along his shoulders and neck as one finger, then two, dance inside her. She had touched herself so many times before but it had never been like this. She had hoped for so long that it had to be better than her own moments alone, but this was pleasure indescribable. She had to know if there was more.

"I need you," she panted as she clutched his back, "I need all of you. Now." The urge behind her words was undeniable. He withdrew his hand and positioned his manhood to take her maidenhead. For the first time she felt the strength of his desire as he pressed slowly into her wetness. Almost immediately she felt the pain as he began to ease into her, stretching her. It was excruciating and seemed to last forever.

He heard the whimpers she tried to stifle. She was so tight and the reality that he was taking her into new territory came back to him. The faint knowledge that he would regret this night tugged at the back of his mind and knew without a doubt she would too. So, for both their sakes, he had to love her a lifetimes worth in one night. He wanted to give her all the pleasure she had deserved but would never let herself have. Through her whimpers came the strained plea, "Don't stop." He reached down to massage her clit in hopes it would begin to add pleasure in with the pain. He felt her begin to contract around him as

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merryanne writes Mon 18 Jun 2018 20:52:

A wonderful story, Bethtl. I really enjoyed it.


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