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In the woods (fm:exhibitionism, 1272 words)

Author: Tilly
Added: Jun 19 2018Views / Reads: 2203 / 1621 [74%]Story vote: 9.56 (27 votes)
An erotic encounter deep in the woods between two trail runners. f/m, exhibitionism.

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The bark of the tree pressed deep into her back.

She had been running through the woods alone, holding only her handheld. Her clothes were sweaty and the day was warm, but not humid. Her running skirt and tank top were damp with sweat from exertion. The trees around her made for a beautiful cover and the sides of the trail had grown high with flowers and foliage. She ran alone here a lot, and she enjoyed just being in nature. Her long hair was braided in two braids and her shoes made barely any sound as she traveled along the edge of the water, the trail twisting and turning.

He approached her from behind. He was coming towards her quickly, and she stepped to the side of the trail to let him pass, but she heard his footfalls slow as he came close, probably as not to scare her. He said a friendly "hello" as he passed her, and she immediately replied, looking at his strong, long, muscular legs, his running shorts, his shirtless chest. She glanced away and started running again, but she noticed that he was running slower now, so that eventually she caught up to him on the switchback.

"Beautiful day out here, isn't it?" he said.

"Yes, she replied, trying not to stare at his ass as she fell into step behind him.

She quickened her pace now, so they ran together, him in front and her behind. She fell into step with him before she knew it, both of them running through the trees and crossing the stream one behind the other.

Suddenly he stopped, and she did too. There was a deer in front of them, with a newborn baby right behind, and they stood there motionless as they crossed the path and made their way slowly into the brush on the other side.

He turned to her then and looked at her and she smiled. His eyes were dark and had a look of curiosity. She immediately felt her pulse quicken and noticed she was starting to get wet. He was attractive and lean. He smiled too and they continued to stand there, in the woods, looking at each other.

Without a word he stepped towards her and she stepped towards him too, both of them sweaty and breathing slightly heavily. The woods echoed around them with the sounds of bids, squirrels, and even bees and bugs flying nearby.

The sound of footsteps came quickly as another trailrunner came up on them standing there and ran by, nodding a greeting as he passed. She was surprised she didn't see him on the switchback, and they both stepped to the side of the trail to let him pass, looking away form each other.

They fell back into the rhythm of running again, then, neither saying anything to the other one, as they moved through the next few miles quickly. Her heart was pounding both from the run and from the moment there they had when they stopped. He said nothing and she instead watched his calves tense and release as he took each step, his feet hitting lightly on the forest floor. His legs were long and lean, his calves sinewy, and his shoes covered in mud from running on the trail.

She stopped this time because her shoe came untied. She fumbled with the laces and eventually double knotted, standing up slowly. She wondered if he would keep on going, but when she looked up, he was there waiting on the side of the trail just a few feet ahead. His chest was covered in a light sheen of sweat and his black split shorts showed off his muscular quads. She stood and walked towards him and he stepped across the trail in front of her. Immediately she felt her pulse quicken, her nipples harden, her breath deepen. He stood there, watching her, and she stepped towards him again.

He reached out and when he touched her arm it was like an electric shock went through her. Their eyes locked and she knew her nipples were hard and he could see them now through her tank top. She moved so she was standing right in front of him and for a moment she couldn't hear any sounds except the blood rushing in her ears. Her eyes challenged him.

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