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The Cabin (fm:one-on-one, 3712 words)

Author: klondyke
Added: Jun 20 2018Views / Reads: 3935 / 3107 [79%]Story vote: 9.71 (42 votes)
A group of friends go to a cabin and a storm one night brings two friends together.

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This story is part fiction and part real. I had managed to stay friends with some people from school. We had a tradition of going away once a year to keep in touch and to just relax. This year we had rented a cabin up in the highlands. Nice and remote and relaxing. We had spent the first day unpacking, choosing rooms and sorting out food. I had spent the afternoon chopping wood for the wood burner and had ended up taking my shirt off. That evening we had some drinks and played cards. As we all said goodnight and went off to our rooms the weather turned and it started to rain.

I heard the first roll of thunder as I was still half awake. I saw the second flash and listened for the thunder and decided it was heading slowly towards us. A few minutes later I heard a soft tap at my door and then it slowly opened. Marie popped her head around the door. "Are you still awake?" She asked and I grunted an answer. "This might seem silly but can I get in with you. I hate storms and I really can't sleep" Marie said. I replied by moving the cover back and scooting over to my left to make room for her. I did open my eye whilst she walked over to the bed and saw she was wearing a knee length white night dress, luckily I had packed and worn some shorts as it wouldn't do to be caught naked. Marie got into bed and snuggled up next to me; took a deep breath and closed her eyes. How she had gone to sleep so quickly I don't know. When the thunder clapped again I felt her jump slightly and her right ankle slipped over mine and she snuggled up closer and her hand rested on my chest.

Some time later, not sure how long, the storm had passed but it was still raining and very windy outside. Marie's hand had slipped down and was now resting on my stomach and as I lay listening to the wind with my eyes closed I could feel her hand move further down until her little finger was touching the waist of my shorts. I kept my eyes closed and kept as still as possible. Now her finger tip was in my shorts and my mind was racing. Was this on purpose or was it purely accidental. I stifled a yawn by taking a deep breath and the rest of her had slipped into my shorts so that her fingers were actually resting on my pubic hair nearly touching the base of my cock. I felt Marie snuggle close and her breasts rubbed against my arm. I swear I even heard her gently say shush as if she was worried I was going to wake up. Her hand slowly moved further down until it was on my cock and it had started to twitch as it got hard. Marie gently rubbed her fingers on my cock as it swelled and grew to its full length. I felt her shift her hips and she moved down the bed a little and rested her head on my chest. I really don't know how I had not made a sound or made any more movement but I guess I was a bit shocked as to what was going on under the duvet.

Her leg was over mine so that her thigh crossed mine and her knee was bent to allow the rest of her leg to rest between mine. I realised what Marie had been undoing her night dress. Marie had cuddled up so close I felt her soft pubic hairs on my thigh and she gently rubbed herself on my leg. I couldn't stop myself from moaning softly and I wiggled as her hairs tickled my leg. When I had moved in this way she had wrapped her hand around my cock and it was now pointing towards me with its head just above the top of my shorts. I really couldn't believe what was happening. My hot friend Marie had her hand on my cock whilst rubbing her tits and pussy against me. I knew I was smiling but wondered if she could see that in the dark. Marie lifted her head from my chest and whispered. "If you are not already awake then this will do it" and she quickly kissed down my body until she kissed the tip of my cock. I then felt the warmth of her mouth envelope me as she started to suck on me. That I couldn't ignore or pretend to be a sleep and I gasped as she tugged my shorts down and took more of me into her mouth and started sucking harder on me. Her head was under the duvet but I could see the outline bopping up and down as she slid her mouth up and down my cock. I moved my hand to rest on top her head and stroked my fingers through her hair. "Oh god that feels so good" I whispered. I couldn't take any more and I flung the duvet back so that I could see what was happening. Marie moved so that she was kneeling next to me, not taking my cock from her mouth, and sucking up and down while she gently squeezed and played with my balls. Her night dress was open and I moved my hand through her hair and pulled it off her body and started running my finger tips up and down her skin marvelling at the softness of her skin. I ran my right hand around her body and cupped her breast, gently squeezing it in my hand and playing with her nipple between my fingers, feeling it harden. I felt rather then heard Marie moan as I did this and moaned myself as she was sucking on just the head of my

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Geoff writes Sat 23 Jun 2018 11:08:

Great story, waiting for more 😀


Mixture V ranks (guest) writes Fri 22 Jun 2018 01:36:

Excellent! A story very well put together.


Imaginator writes Wed 20 Jun 2018 13:11:

Really good story, well written except for a couple of spelling mistakes. Keep up the good work!


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