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The Wedding (fm:adultery, 1622 words)

Author: artsoccerdude
Added: Jun 21 2018Views / Reads: 3502 / 2740 [78%]Story vote: 9.39 (36 votes)
I was at a wedding recently and had some fun

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Recently two of my friends got married. It was a great weekend. I had met them at grad school. Ryan and I instantly formed a friendship and were inseparable. We both enjoyed philosophy, debating politics, art, and film. About a year later, we met Sara. Even though it took some time, I realized Ryan and Sara were going to end up together. When they first started dating, I was excited for them. Then a year later, Ryan asked me to be one of his groomsmen.

When the week of the wedding arrived, I flew up to New England to spend a few days with some other grad school friends before the wedding in CT. It was just what I needed. I live inland now far away from the ocean, away from fresh lobster, and away from the Sox. So I was keen to spend a few days soaking up the New England lifestyle.

The wedding was a typical wedding but beautiful. It was held at Sara's grandparents home in western Connecticut. One of the most beautiful pieces of land I have ever seen. As we made our way to the tent for the dinner, I ran into multiple old friends I hadn't seen in two years. It was good to catch up with them and see what they were doing and how life was going. One of those friends was Sarah (not the bride). I had met Sarah during my final year of law school. She was working towards a counseling degree.

As the reception really started going, after the meal, I was making my rounds talking with various people. While making my rounds, I noticed someone I didn't know.

"I'm Chris."


"How do you know the bride or groom?" I asked.

"I volunteer at the clinic Sara interned at. You were Ryan's roommate right?"

"No. We met in law school and became really good friends. So do you still volunteer for the clinic?"

"Occasionally. I've been working on setting up a couple of exhibits."

"Oh are you an artists?" I ask.

"Yep." She had the look of an artist. Her arms were loaded with tattoos, had piercings in the middle of both lips, and multiple rings in each ear.

"I see you've met my date for the evening," Sarah said.

"Where's Mike?"

"He's on a dig in Montana. I haven't seen him in three months!" she exclaimed as she took a drink of her vodka cranberry juice.

"Oh wow. I'm going to get another drink, would either of you like a refill?"

"I'm good," said Taylor.

"I would," Sarah said.

"Vodka cranberry?"

"I don't know. I'll go with you." We ambled off to the bar.

"I have to confess, when we first met I had a bit of a crush on you," I said somewhat sheepishly.


"Yeah," I blushed.

"Probably my big tits. HAHAHA!'

"No. You're really pretty, funny, and the tits don't hurt," I said. She

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