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An unexpected homecoming (fm:slut wife, 7160 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Jun 21 2018Views / Reads: 3693 / 2659 [72%]Story vote: 9.26 (23 votes)
Upon returning home after an evening out to herself, when Mandy Waters entered her lounge and turned on the light, she saw her husband, tied to his armchair with a gag around his head and mouth. He was clearly trying to say something; a warning perhaps.

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Story outline: Upon returning home after an evening out to herself, when Mandy Waters entered her lounge and turned on the light, she saw her husband, tied to his armchair with a gag around his head and mouth. He was clearly trying to say something; a warning perhaps.

It was a little after 10pm when Mandy Waters turned the key in the front door and subsequently stepped inside. She switched on the light in the hall, illuminating the broad corridor as she strolled effortlessly along it towards the lounge.

She had just enjoyed a couple of hours away from her husband to herself, drinking in a bar and chatting with several men about this and that. She was dressed to impress. A long flowing scarlet dress with wide short sleeves and a plunging neckline that made wearing a bra impossible, while the long slit on the right side reached all the way up to her hip, revealing a well-toned thigh. Her legs were encased in the finest silk stockings she could find. Black with a long seam that ran vertically from each heel to the lacy top.

Upon entering the lounge, she turned on the light. With the room lit, Mandy caught sight of her husband, Mat. He was sat in his armchair as usual. Nothing wrong with that, even with the light off. However, he could hardly move. In fact, he couldn't speak either, not coherently, except to mumble about something.

He was tied to the chair with thick cord while any sound from him was muted by a broad gag that was tied around his head and mouth.

Everything, the light being off and Mat's incapacity as he seemed to murmur a warning, suggested the couple had either been or were being burgled, only nothing was missing. The 40 inch 4K ultra HD plasma TV was sat on its unit. Below that, were the DVD recorder and blue ray player while the stereo unit was also present.

"Hurmn, hurmn," Mat continued to waffle as he struggled with his tightly bound bonds.

Far from him being anxious at the possibility of a burglar creeping up behind his young trophy wife, it was, in fact, the two acquaintances she had with her that made him irate.

"There, there, cuck, did you miss me? I certainly didn't miss you, that's for sure," she ridiculed him.

"Look what I found, darling, and I brought them home so you could see," she goaded, pleased with her acquisition. Her pussy was dripping at the prospect of taking them both on while her horny clit spasmed and throbbed with the prospect.

"Two big long black cocks on the end of two big black studs. What's that?" she said, jokingly, and moved closer.

He clearly wanted to say something, his face red, either with rage or from a lack of air. Reaching forward, his raven haired slutwife drew down the cloth gag she had tied around him. To accomplish that, she had doctored his tea. She then, with Mat still sat in his chair, tied him to it. He practically lived in the thing when he came home from work, very much ignoring his wife's needs.

"How...you haven't," he blustered.

"How, what? Come on, don't be shy amongst company," she teased him, mercilessly, all the while backing up to them, her hands outstretched in search of their tools, smiling.

"How, how do you know. Have you...!"

"Not yet, soon, though, and you get to watch. Size, it's inherent in

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straight man writes Tue 26 Jun 2018 06:19:

Could be a lot better


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