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Two Wrongs Make a Right / Chapter 6: The Accident (fm:one-on-one, 8939 words) [6/9] show all parts

Author: Fluffy_Kat Picture in profile
Added: Jun 24 2018Views / Reads: 519 / 293 [56%]Part vote: 8.71 (7 votes)
Rowen is involved in a bad accident that leaves her scarred both physically and mentally. She feels undesirable and repulsive. Will she overcome her inhibitions and find great sex again? And who is the stranger following her?

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Two Wrongs Make a Right / Chapter 6: The Accident

July 2015

The two lovers pulled into the gravel parking lot of Harry's Hardware, the gravel crunching noisily beneath the Harley's tires and spitting up dust. The air was sticky, humid, and Rowen hoped the dust wouldn't cling to her skin like a coat of smelly powdered sugar. She was glad she wore jeans, boots, a denim jacket, and the cumbersome helmet even though they were too warm once the bike stopped moving.

The Viking parked the bike behind the building, not wanting anyone to mess with his custom painted Harley-Davidson Road King. Rowen got off the bike first and removed her helmet, shaking out her long dark hair. The Viking watched her, sighed and effortlessly lifted his leg over the seat. He towered over her by a foot. The difference in their height had its advantages and disadvantages. She could sit down and comfortably suck his dick as he stood in front of her but it was impossible to fuck her from behind while she was standing. Sitting or lying down became an equalizer.

She started to walk away from him, heading towards the door, and he tugged on her long hair forcing her to stop. He leaned down and kissed her hard on her soft lips. She kissed him back before biting his lower lip. He let go of her and she said, "What in the hell was that for?"

He gave her another quick kiss and said, "Just because."

She laughed as she sashayed around the building to the front door, the gravel crackling beneath her black biker boots. The Viking walked a few feet behind her admiring her ass as it bobbed back and forth like a couple of rambunctious puppies wrestling beneath a blanket. He felt his cock stir and willed it to stay down. He hated walking around with a big boner in his jeans.

Harry's Hardware was deceptive. It was a big metal building on the outskirts of town where the townies relegated the less attractive businesses that might ruin the old fashioned quaintness of the downtown area or its view of the river. Harry's was across the street from a Wal-Mart and flanked by a gas station on one side and an auto body repair shop that fronted a junkyard on the other.

The place was a joke among locals because newcomers often pulled into the parking lot during daylight hours expecting to be able to buy some nails or a new faucet and when they tried the twin doors found them locked. It was an easy mistake. Harry's looked like a hardware store with its no-nonsense appearance and the billboard-size sign announcing "Harry's Hardware" atop its roof with its handyman logo that looked suspiciously like a redheaded Mario of the video game fame with a big smile on his face complete with a cap with a big "H" at its center and a tool belt around his waist. The cartoonish character was giving a big thumbs-up accompanied by a wink. What the unsuspecting schleps failed to notice was the little handyman was holding a mug of beer in his left hand. Harry's Hardware was a roadhouse bar. The local running joke was when someone came home late after work they could truthfully tell their significant other they were at the hardware store.

Rowen waited for The Viking to open the door for her. As he opened the door, cool air whooshed out and felt good against his hot skin. He took out his wallet to pay the cover charge.

The older woman behind the bulletproof glass booth laughed and told Rowen she liked her T-shirt. The woman gave The Viking a good once over too as he paid, seemingly liking everything she saw. She had a few extra miles on her, a bleached blonde with big 1990s hair, she still looked good in a white trashy sort of way. He figured she had to be old enough to get the T-shirt's meaning since the song it referenced was from the 1970s. Rowen's shirt was gray with "Surely Not Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting" in black letters stretched across her big tits. The Viking smiled, even the ladies couldn't help but stare at Rowen's tits, funny shirt or not.

The cavernous interior of Harry's was noisy. A cacophony of voices, clinking glasses, and the sound of chairs being pushed back was annoying but after a while it was like static background noise to be

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