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Chapter Twenty-Five. 2005. (fm:slut wife, 5120 words) [26/26] show all parts

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1st. Mark, hitch-hiker. 2nd. Our second dogging type experience. 3rd. Stan and Wayne, an unexpected humiliation for hubby.

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Sandi's Erotic Adventures.

A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter Twenty-Five. 2005.

(March.) Mark, nineteen.

On my way to a travel lodge just outside the town of P, where I had a meeting planned for the following day, I passed a guy hitch-hiking. A quick look in the mirror showed him to be a very good looking young guy, wearing glasses, and with a rucksack on his back. I pulled over and when he came alongside learnt that he too was for heading for P, so told the lad to hop in. Stowing his rucksack in the boot he climbed in beside me.

Making conversation I discovered that he was a student called Mark and was heading home for a few days to meet up with an older brother just returned from a lengthy trip to the States.

I hadn't missed the way he eyed my legs on entering the car, my skirt as usual high up my thighs while I drove, and he continued to cast furtive glances at them.

After pulling in to a service station for petrol I popped to the loo needing to freshen up, Mark meanwhile headed for the gents. While sitting on the loo I pondered on ways to seduce the young Mark, inevitably wondering if he'd be interested in someone of my age, I must seem ancient to him. Resuming our seats in the car I deliberately allowed my skirt to ride even higher. I'm a dab hand at this and made sure there was a glint of suspender showing as I put the car into gear and moved off. Mark was clearly struggling to keep his eyes off my somewhat blatant display and it became apparent that there was an erection inside his trousers. I found it deliciously exciting to be driving along knowing that this really young guy at my side fancied me. There was no conversation now; Mark seemed unable to take his eyes off my thighs while I was wondering how to proceed from here.

I'm unfamiliar with the area but spotting a lay-by coming up I pulled in, pleased to find there were no other vehicles, and stopped at the far end of it.

"I need a short break from driving, hope you don't mind," I said, continuing the conversation by asking Mark if he had a girlfriend.

He was far too busy with his studies at the moment to consider girls he told me.

"Wrong policy. At your age you must have strong urges that need fulfilling, a build up of frustration won't help when it comes to concentrating on your studies."

His face coloured up at my words and he remained silent.

"You haven't taken your eyes off my legs for ages. Perhaps you'd like a feel."

So saying I took Mark's hand and placed it on my thigh. Yes I know it was a bit blatant but it did the trick because not only did he leave his hand on my thigh but moved it up to the flesh above my stocking top!

"You're very attractive," Mark blurted, his fingers describing circles on my inner thigh. "I want you!" No problem there, the gorgeous young lad could certainly have me!

I slid lower in the seat, my legs drifting apart with a will of their own. Marks fingers continued to stroke my thighs and he leaned across to kiss me. Groping for his crotch I found a large and very hard bulge. Promising!

He plainly wasn't as shy as I'd first thought because with tongue probing my mouth Mark's fingers wormed their way feverishly inside my panties. Inevitably my legs drifted even further apart. With his

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Kathy and Dave writes Tue 3 Jul 2018 00:39:

Loved your story... what a great wife.


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