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Daddy (fm:male domination, 3873 words)

Author: K. Lee Picture in profile
Added: Jun 27 2018Views / Reads: 1356 / 939 [69%]Story vote: 8.88 (8 votes)
Daddy loved his kitten. But sometimes she had to be disciplined.

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He walked through the door after a long day at the office. He couldn't wait to get home to his kitten, she always made him feel so much better, like he was some kind of super star. He had never dreamed things could be like this, having someone who loved so unconditionally, so trusting, so fully. He could hear her feet running through the house.

DADDYYYYY!!!" she yelled, and as she ran up to him, he dropped his things and opened his arms to her. She was wearing her little school girl outfit that he loved so much. Her ample breasts bounced up and down as she ran across the room into his arms. She jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. As tired as he was, he was already thinking naughty things about her. These were the thoughts that would get him through his day, no matter how hard or cut throat business could be. She showered him with kisses, all over his face and neck. He put one hand under her perfect round bottom for support and held her tight. He loved her lips; they were so full and soft. He held the back of her head with the other hand pulling her kisses onto his lips, and kissed her deeply, breathing her in, and feeling the calm.

He could feel her big soft breasts pressing tight against his chest and was getting excited at the thought of her. He pulled her face away from his mouth and looked deep into her sultry hazel eyes with his steel blues, his lust growing by the moment, yet he wanted her to know how much she meant to him, how important she was. He carried her to the living room and set her down, pulling her to his lap.

"So, how was your day, my little kitten?" He asked.

She smiled real big and said, "It's perfect now that you're home Daddy!" She jumped down, her hands behind her back, acting a bit nervous, biting her lip and looked down, saying "But I have a confession to make. I've been naughty today." Then kneeling, she put her head on his lap and pleaded, "Please don't be mad, Daddy!" He looked at her, put his hand under her chin and lifted her head so he could see her big seductive eyes.

He kissed her forehead and said, "It can't be all that bad, you're such a good girl." Then seeing the shame in her eyes, he added "Tell me what happened, kitten."

"I did things to myself that only you should be doing...." She said, as she looked at him. Pleading with her eyes, she continued, "But daddy, I was thinking about you and missing you so much!"

He looked into her eyes right through to her soul. He said, "Okay, kitten, I'm not mad, but Daddy needs to know exactly what you did."

She lowered her head, shamefully and started, "I was taking a shower after my chores, and the water just felt so good, it made me think of you and how you sometimes caress me. It really made me miss you so much. So I went to get the vibrator, I knew I shouldn't but I only meant to have it for a little bit. I sat on it for a while as I used the towel to rub my nipples dry. It felt so good that it got the vibrator wet, and I wanted more, so I laid down on the bed and used the vibrator to pleasure me."

"Ok," he said, "you know that I will have to discipline you. You know you shouldn't be doing this." She nodded her head and a single tear rolled down her cheek. "Awww, it's okay, kitten." He said to her softly, "Daddy still loves you and I always will."

She looked up and smiled. She knelt down before him and said, "How can I serve you, sir? I am yours....". Her voice resonated with strength and confidence. Not with fear or low self esteem. She wasn't intimidated nor was it expected. She did so because she had absolute trust and faith in him. He was her protector, her lover, and he took good care of her physical and mental well being. He earned her love and trust. She willingly placed her life and love into his hands because she knew that he loved her completely. She had absolute faith that he would take care of her, protect her, be her Daddy.

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