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Discreet Pleasures part 2 (fm:adultery, 2611 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: Kiki
Added: Jun 28 2018Views / Reads: 1628 / 1195 [73%]Part vote: 9.47 (15 votes)
Alyssa can’t keep her mind off of Joshua’s cock

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Part 2. Later that day.

Alyssa knows what she did was wrong, it just felt so good. She felt wanted, it didn't feel like a fuck. It felt amazing, someone finally took care of her aching pussy.

After standing by the window for what seemed like forever Alyssa made her way upstairs. She changed the sheets on the bed, put a load of laundry in and jumped in the shower. All she could think of was Joshua and his cock. Her pussy started to tingle again. She wanted to feel Joshua again but she knows she can't. It was a one time fling to fulfill her sexual desire.

She stood there in the shower thinking that she didn't need to see him again, but they could continue their phone affair. After all there was no real sex with that. Then she starting thinking that since she'd be tempted to fuck Joshua again that maybe she should just call the phone sex line again and find someone new.

Alyssa gets out of the shower and throws on a pair of leggings and a tank top, and puts her hair up in a bun. Has a little snack and then She goes outside and gets the kids off the school bus. The kids go in the yard to play before dinner and starting their homework.

Alyssa decides to order out instead of cooking dinner because she's too preoccupied thinking about Joshua's cock buried inside her pussy. She can feel her clit hardening and pulsating.

The food is delivered and Steven is home from work. They all sit down and have dinner together. Steven talks about his day, and how he thinks he landed the promotion he's been hoping for. Alyssa is happy for him and says they should celebrate later and gives him a little wink.

Alyssa and Steven get the kids to bed and head to their own room. She gets out of her clothes and puts on a sexy nighty and Steven puts on a pair of shorts and gets under the covers. Alyssa crawls into bed next to him. Touches him, rubs him and tries to suck his cock but Steven tells her he's too tired. He turns over and falls asleep.

Alyssa gets out of bed, grabs her phone and her dildo and goes down to the basement to FaceTime Joshua. He doesn't answer. She waits a little while for him to call her back and he doesn't.

Alyssa is so disappointed that he doesn't pick up but she's so horny she needs to do something about it. She picks up her phone and calls the phone sex line.

She Starts talking to a few different men. Sending messages back and forth. They're all turning her on but all she can think about is Joshua. She just hangs up. There is no one that she wants to cum with.

A few minutes later Alyssa turns the tv on to try and distract herself. Turns on some reruns of friends.

Alyssa is awoken by her phone vibrating on her leg. She didn't realize she had fallen asleep. It was Joshua who was calling. She missed the call but called him right back.

She could already feel the throbbing of her clit as the phone was ringing. Joshua answers and she immediately gets butterflies in her stomach.

He tells her that he was sorry he missed her call, but he was out with some friends. She tells him it's ok, but doesn't need to explain himself to her.

Alyssa tell him that she can't stop thinking of him and all she can think about is his big hard cock pounding her cunt. He tells her the same.

Alyssa spreads open her legs. She is soaking wet. She can feel her juices dripping down her legs. She turns on the dildo and Joshua hears it. He tells her to gently ease it in her pussy. She holds the phone down towards her wet glistening pussy so Joshua can see her slide the dildo inside.

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