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A Nights Stay (fm:threesomes, 3323 words)

Author: Vactor01
Added: Jun 28 2018Views / Reads: 2020 / 1049 [52%]Story vote: 9.22 (9 votes)
A business woman, an old hotel, a pair of sensuous spirits... oh my.

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Long time member of the site & first time author here. A thank you to shygirlwhore for the edits. I hope you like folks.

It was one of those "middle of nowhere" towns in middle America. Most of its buildings meandered between modern to what she considered "rustic". She'd been in this ‘burg before; then as now it was a stopover on a business venture. She had made a mental note of crossing off each motel she stayed at every time she visited, this being the fourth. This one, much as the town itself, had something of a storied history according to the locals. Much as with Las Vegas, this town was built with mob money. Unlike that city, however, this town had never ballooned in popularity or population.

Not one building was over six floors high. This motel was almost fortress-like when compared to the other buildings, taking up an entire block. Walking into the lobby, to her left was a wall full of pictures, a surprising amount of them in black and white, most likely dating back to the towns founding. Rumors were that the motel was haunted, probably stories the locals made up to garner interest. She smirked at the thought, being the ex-wife of a cop had made her something of a cynic.

All she wanted for now was to get clean and then sleep.

Key card in hand, she made her way to her room. While putting her things away for the night she got the odd feeling of not being alone. She got a similar feeling while showering, where at times she could swear that whenever she closed her eyes it felt as if invisible hands caressed her. As soon as she opened them to look around... nothing.

She shook her head as she dried off, "Just nerves", she thought. Those idiotic stories some people had told her were getting to her. She actually smiled to herself at her naiveté. Finished drying herself off, she put on a nightie, set her cell phones alarm, turned off the table light, and went to sleep.


Darkness, heartbeat, and... cold? Turning on the light, the rooms colors felt muted. It was also certainly cold, not enough that she should be seeing her breath, but there was definitely a chill in the air.

Two men appeared right before her. Both were in getups right out of the gangster era. The one on her the left had slicked black hair, and an almost "5 o'clock" shadow. There was also something about his eyes she couldn't quite place, but couldn't draw away from, having a quality of menace about them. Any urge to scream or yell out was nullified by his gaze. The one on the right was clean-shaven with dirty-blonde hair, he could be described as a "boy toy" type.

Both were slowly removing their clothes, their gazes locked on her all the while. After loosening his tie and removing the suit vest, the one on the left stepped up, giving her a light but sensuous kiss while at the same time removing the bed sheet covering her. As nice as his kiss was, it felt...cold. As he stepped back and continued to take the rest of his outfit off the blonde, now naked, leaned on the bed. Her nightie provided no real protection as he slid it up her legs and to her waist. As with his partner he also felt cold, his hands giving her goose bumps as the lower portion of the nightie was bunched up to her stomach. He smiled as he saw how bare she was "down there".

With her gaze so focused on the blondes ministrations, she didn't notice that the black-haired one had removed all of his garments until she felt his cold hand caress the side of her face. She turned to him, only to see his cock in front of her face. Considering events thus far, she shouldn't have been surprised but was. Whether her mouth opened in shock or capitulation didn't matter to him though, as soon as it opened he shoved it in, beginning to slowly saw in and out. While certainly not the largest dick she'd experienced, he didn't have anything to be ashamed of either. She sucked rhythmically, almost mechanically, their gazes mutually locked on one another. Then she felt something on her nether region.

The blonde spread her legs while she sucked on his partner. His fingers

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Mattie writes Fri 29 Jun 2018 22:45:

Nicely innovative, as well as sexy.


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