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Size (Kind Of) Matters (fm:adultery, 1220 words)

Author: Quinix
Added: Jun 28 2018Views / Reads: 2656 / 1876 [71%]Story vote: 8.26 (27 votes)
Based on a real experience a girl cheats on her BF to try a bigger dick

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So I've decided to share another story here, again this one is based largely in truth with a few details tweaked for better story telling! The names are also obviously changed!

The story begins in my 2nd year of university, living with in a house of 5. As was often the case being at university meant we were a long way from home, this in turn led to a few of my friends being in long distance relationships. I always enjoyed meeting their partners, most of them clearly punching above their weight! Being a friendly person I would add them on social media, talk occasionally or snapchat them the odd picture... Now to set the scene better one of my friends, Tom, was in a long distance relationship with Emily. Emily was one of the nicest people I'd ever met, still to this day, but she was also one of the most attractive. She had a true hourglass figure, black hair. Her boobs weren't huge, but a good size, as a guess around 34D but quite perky. Her ass was perfect, the hard hours of gym work definitely paying off. She was only short, around 5ft 2 and just overall a kind and hot young lady.

One day whilst relaxing in bed my phone went off, imagine my surprise to find a snapchat from Emily. Opening it up, she was wearing nothing but a red lace thong, one arm holding the phone and the other covering her nipples. I almost dropped my phone, I gathered myself but didn't know what to respond, luckily, a message came through from her first "FUCK!" she exclaimed. She went on to explain that this had obviously not been meant for me and not to tell Tom, I agreed. On agreeing I did ask if it was meant for Tom, after a long pause she replied "No...". To shorten the story a little we had a long conversation where she admitted that Tom was less than well endowed, totalling (at best) 4 inches (about 10cm). This had led her to adult sites in search of more thrills, where she had made friends with guys and had been sexting them. She then asked "so I kinda have to ask... how do you do in the trouser department?", stunned I replied "I'm not too sure, why don't you let me know" and attached the infamous dick pic! Now as I noted in my other story, I am thoroughly average, 6inches (15.2cm), kind of thick but not crazy, nothing to shout about at all... To my benefit however 6 is still bigger than 4 and it wasn't long before we were sending sexts and nudes to each other fairly regularly.

About 3 weeks passed and Emily came to visit Tom. I was anxious not really knowing how things would be, it was definitely a little awkward between us the first day. On the second day we all decided to go to a local club and what a night it would become... The first thing that happened was with Tom's back turned, as they were getting ready and I was upstairs in my room, she sent a picture to me, showing her in a short red dress and no bra, nipples poking through, a bit of a teaser of the night to come. A few drinks in and at the club, my phone went off again, she sent a message from the toilets "I NEED your cock, its been so long since I've had one I can actually feel". As the hours went on we eventually returned home, around 3am well and truly drunk. Everyone retired to bed one by one, except for me and Emily, we stayed downstairs waiting for the right moment....

With her BF Tom upstairs, Emily moved next to me on the sofa and rubbed her hand up my leg. Leaning in she playfully bit my neck, making me moan. Her short skirt had already ridden up revealing she had no underwear on. I reached down, completely turned on I skipped teasing and began rubbing her clit. She had a little pubic hair but not much. She unbuttoned and opened my jeans, moving and pulling them down as soon as my hard cock flicked up from my boxers, she placed it in her mouth. Moaning as she sucked my cock it was clear, she had been waiting for this for a while! Pulling my foreskin down while her lips moved up, her small hands felt amazing, it was one of the best blowjobs I've had to this day. Knowing the risk of being caught, everything that had built up to the moment, we were both turned on, the phrase dripping wet is hugely overused, but she was literally the definition of it. After a few minutes she straddled me, ready to ride my cock. As I mentioned I am kind of thick, but by no means like a coke can but this was one of the few times someone really struggled to fit my cock. The head slipped in and she rose up, years of fucking a small cock had made her pussy tight even though it was wet. Eventually she managed to sit on my cock and as it slipped in we both struggled to keep quiet. She rode my cock, feeling her pussy so tight around it made it throb and just made me want to fuck her harder.

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uxbridge writes Fri 29 Jun 2018 12:27:

Interesting thoughts but perhaps women like the lead up to sex and climaxing through stimulation more than the size of a man's cock?


Mattie writes Thu 28 Jun 2018 13:25:

Well I thought it was a great story. Too many ES stories feature unbelievable dimensions of cocks and boobs. There are lots of us 6-7 inch guys out there and we know the girls can have a good ride on a moderate sized cock.
Keep it up :-)


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