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Two Wrongs Make a Right / Chapter 8: The Rescue (fm:one-on-one, 10724 words) [8/9] show all parts

Author: Fluffy_Kat Picture in profile
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Rowen’s stalker makes his move. Can Maarovi Shabat, the man hired to protect her, save her? And does she fall in love with her protector or will she remain true to Nicolás?

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Two Wrongs Make a Right / Chapter 8: The Rescue

August 2016

Rowen got into a twice daily routine of hiking through the woods around her house to check for further evidence of her stalker. She left the house to do her morning hike, the day pleasant, the sun shining brightly, the sky a vivid blue. The morning was still comfortably cool, the dawn's dew nearly dry.

She grabbed a sack she used to collect nature finds including deer antlers, dried pinecones, kindling, nuts, and interesting rocks. It was a vintage bag once used to deliver newspapers. Its strap was long enough that she could wear it cross body and keep her hands free. She put her Glock into the holster on her belt. Her pit bull Blue followed her out of the house.

Blue bound ahead of her as she walked towards the woods behind her house. Her outdoor excursion served a dual purpose. She was going to retrieve and replace the memory cards from cameras she had hidden throughout her property that were activated by motion detectors. Her daily check was to see if her stalker was caught on camera. It also gave her an opportunity to check over the cameras and to see if they needed new batteries or if someone had tampered with them.

Blue went off chasing a squirrel while she checked the first surveillance camera. It was nestled in the low crotch of a tree about the height of a white-tail deer's head. Its camouflaged surface made it nearly impossible to detect. She opened the waterproof casing and checked the camera's battery before removing and replacing the memory card. Then she followed deer paths throughout the property to check the other five cameras.

Two cameras took pictures along the trail from the river to the back of her house. She knew the stalker would be captured on those cameras. She checked the other four out of curiosity. It was possible he snooped around her house before she first detected him.

Along the way she picked up wild apples, pinecones, kindling, and nuts - acorns and walnuts - her Glock always ready at her side.


Rowen took a break at the kitchen table later in the day, a batch of miniature apple pies baking in the oven, as she looked through the surveillance videos. She planned to take the pies to the veterinarian's office for Blue's veterinarian Jody and the girls working there who made a fuss over her clownish pit bull. Of course she planned to keep a few for herself. She made them with the tart little apples and walnuts she found in the woods.

Looking through her surveillance videos, she noticed her stalker had approached her house from the main road using two paths on two separate occasions. It unnerved her to think a stranger was walking on her property without her knowledge. She assumed it was when she wasn't home because Blue never made a fuss and he would have if he heard, saw, or smelled a stranger.

Her burner phone rang, disrupting her search, and she pulled it out of her purse. It was Nicolás's number. She let it ring knowing he wouldn't leave a message. For some sappy sentimental reason she hung onto the phone, keeping it charged and adding minutes to it since she saw Nicolás in Rio de Janeiro three and a half years ago. She stopped taking his calls after her motorcycle accident a year ago. She felt their relationship was pointless, fearing his rejection because she wasn't the same woman he fell in love with after the accident - mentally, emotionally, and more importantly physically.

The accident that nearly killed her was the result of mistaken identity. Two men were after the brother of her lover Eric Larsen because they closely resembled one another. The two culprits ended up running the two of them off the road. The accident left her with unsightly scars, anxiety, and a touch of paranoia. She became a loner, less outgoing than she used to be. Worse, the scars on her legs were horrible - jagged ridges and deep puckered scars the size of concave bellybuttons

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