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Amy (fm:group, 5352 words)

Author: K. Lee Picture in profile
Added: Jul 03 2018Views / Reads: 3294 / 2801 [85%]Story vote: 9.68 (37 votes)
Amy had no idea just how great this party was going to be!

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"Are you ready, babe?" Rob called out. "We're gonna be late!" Rob paced in the living room. Amy was always late when they went out but it was always worth it. At 40 years old Amy was absolutely stunning. She had a perfect hour glass figure and all the right curves. She had ample 38DD breasts and a nice round butt. Rob always knew he was a lucky man to have such a sexy, gorgeous wife. They were going to a party at their friends, Mike and Laura's house. Nothing fancy, just a casual get together of about 20 or so people. Mike just finished getting a pool installed and he wanted to have a party to break it in. Plus his son Billy along with some of his friends from college, were in town on Spring Break. An outside party BBQ sounded like a lot of fun.

Amy sauntered into the living room. Rob's heart skipped a beat. She was so fucking hot! She wore a skimpy little sun dress with her bikini underneath. Her long blonde hair curled around her shoulders and flowed down to her luscious breasts. She was wearing her smoky eye makeup.

"Damn", said Rob, "all the guys are gonna be drooling over you tonight!"

Amy batted her eyes at Rob and giggled, "Yep...I'm gonna give ‘em all boners!" Rob loved it when guys flirted with her and they always had the most amazing sex when that happened. He knew at the end of the night it would be him fucking her brains out, but the thought of watching other men fucking her was very erotic. He sometimes pictured several other men having sex with Amy when he was banging her hard.

He asked her on several occasions if she would want to do something like that and she would smile and say, "That does sound pretty erotic!" Amy was a natural flirt, and Rob encouraged it. He enjoyed her flirting with other men and he knew that she sometimes did it on purpose. Sex was always more intense when they got home from a night out and she had been flirting with other men. Rob would imagine him teaching her a lesson, letting her know she belonged to him by fucking her harder and longer.

They headed out and stopped by the liquor store to pick up some Tequila. Amy had decided she wanted to let loose, do some shots since she wasn't driving. Rob had cautioned her; it had been a while since she had been drinking, but especially tequila. Amy just laughed and said, "Yeah....I'm ready to get drunk and have some fun!"

When they got to Mike and Laura's, Laura met them at the door and greeted them. Laura was pretty hot in her own right, and tonight she was in her bathing suit. Rob could feel himself getting aroused with these sexy women around him.

Laura smiled and said, "Come on in! Everybody is out back! Billy and some of his college buddies are here. I'll bring you some lemon wedges and salt for that tequila!" Rob and Amy smiled and headed for the back door.

Mike was on the deck, holding a spatula with a ‘Kiss the Cook' apron on. Amy gave him a big kiss and a hug, and could feel her breasts being crushed against his chest through her little sun dress as he hugged her back. She could feel his boner and knew this was gonna be an interesting evening!

Mike crushed Amy against his chest and could tell she was in a skimpy bikini top. He felt a bit aroused, and was beginning to feel anxious about getting in the pool. His wife, Laura, was hot, but her breasts were nothing in comparison. Shaking out of his naughty thoughts, he said, "Good to see you guys! Glad you could make it. We're gonna have a hell of a party tonight! Just in case, we have plenty of room for you guys to stay if you get too drunk." He was cooking up some burgers and brats. He pointed out that Laura already had some side dishes on the picnic table, in case they wanted to go ahead and nibble, but also opened the invitation to go ahead and get in the pool whenever they were ready.

Billy came over and gave Amy a big hug. He was wearing his swim trunks,

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andy writes Sat 7 Jul 2018 21:52:

This was one very hot story.


eddtheduck writes Thu 5 Jul 2018 15:50:

Good story very hot


rpierz writes Thu 5 Jul 2018 14:18:

Really hot story. I rarely give 10s


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