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Car Show (fm:exhibitionism, 1825 words)

Author: Jakk_69
Added: Jul 04 2018Views / Reads: 2241 / 1864 [83%]Story vote: 9.74 (42 votes)
Woman catches wife playing with hubby while waiting for lights to change. They seem to enjoy being watched...

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Car Show

"I think she's watching me play with your penis" Zoe, my wife remarked, motioning to the car next to us at the lights. I tried to steal a glance without letting on that we'd seen. Wouldn't want to scare her if that was the case. The woman in the SUV was well above our seating position in the Mini Cooper. She could easily see everything. Everything, on this occasion, being Zoe rubbing and squeezing my bulging cock through my shorts. A bulge made even more obvious by the fact that I hadn't put on any underwear, as we'd just left the beach and it was easier to change without bothering with undies first.

I stole another glance - the blonde definitely seemed to be watching us. "Well if she's so interested you should take it out for her", I told my wife. "Yeah, right. As if." Just then the lights changed. And at the next set, which turned red as we approached, the SUV pulled up next to us again. "OK, she's definitely watching," I said, "take it out for her."

"Perv!" Zoe muttered, but she nonetheless proceeded to push down my waisteband. My hard cock sprang out like a jack-in-the box. Fully erect it whipped up and slapped into my tummy. SUV Blondie's eyes widened. Her mouth was open as she stared at it. I'm not overly large, but it's longer than average with a slight upward curve. And it points proudly vertical. SUV Blondie clearly approved. She nibbled unconsciously on her bottom lip. Zoe gave it a slow rub from base to tip just as the lights changed.

"I have an idea. Motion for her to follow us." I said. "What?!" "She'll feel safe cos there's another female around. Just tell her to follow us. Maybe she will. We can go to that ‘lovers lane' place not far from here. It'll be quite private, even though it's daytime." Zoe turned in her seat waved for SUV Blondie to follow us. I turned at the next light and sure enough she turned too. Another turn and then we'd be off the main roads. Now we'll see if she's really following us or not. I turned onto a narrower road - and she turned too!

Then onto a little-known, tree-lined road that only locals really knew existed. The road widened into a tree lined dead-end. The trees cut off views outside of the half-circle they enclosed, making the area very private. At night, couples came here to take advantage of said privacy, but as I predicted, it was still empty, even during the day. I parked under a tree and the SUV pulled up next to us.

She turned off the engine, then turned and blatantly stared at us. Zoe leaned back to give her a look at the merchandise. She grabbed the base of my dick, as low as she could, then pressed it forward so Blondie could get a good look at the entire length of it. She moved it in a slow circle. SUV Blondie continued to stare intently. I felt like my cock would burst. I had that thrill of exposure, plus arousal plus illicetness plus danger.

Zoe slowly rubbed her hand up the length of my shaft, over the head, squeezing slightly. Then slowwwly back down to the base. Blondie licked her lips. Another long, slow stroke up and down. "You'd better do something else," I gasped, "another one of those and I'm going to explode!" At which she simply bent forward and took the head in her mouth. I looked back at the car next to us - Blondie was desperately unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled down the front of her bra and her tits popped out. Luscious! Medium large, and firm, with nice dark nipples. "Oh My God!" I exlaimed as she cupped one in each hand and then rubbed them over the nipples, and back down again. Those boobs, the expression of arousal and stimulation on her face as she rubbed them, the feeling of my cock in my wife's mouth - it's a miracle I didn't explode.

She pressed her breasts against the window and her hands disappeared. I could see her wriggling about, (which did wonderful things to her nipples against the window) then - she lifted a hand back into view, with a tiny lace g-string hanging from the forefinger. She blew me a kiss as she tossed the flimsy garment behind her.

"What's happening?" came the query from my lap. "Argh, don't stop. Please. She just took out her tits. And took off her panties. I think she's going to- Oh YES!" Zoe resuming her sucking co-incided with

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