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Two Wrongs Make a Right / Chapter 9: Paraty, Brazil (fm:one-on-one, 3650 words) [9/9] show all parts

Author: Fluffy_Kat Picture in profile
Added: Jul 04 2018Views / Reads: 344 / 199 [58%]Part vote: 9.80 (10 votes)
In our final chapter our two lovers are united and living in Brazil. Does their love endure? And what does the future hold for our two star-crossed lovers? Read and find out.

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Two Wrongs Make a Right / Chapter 9: Paraty, Brazil

February 2017

Roberto Neves formerly known as Nicolás Rivera watched Rowen as she swam in the turquoise waters off the secluded beach. He rented office space to the attorney who owned the island and gave him access to the private beach. The island was deserted and they had the beach to themselves. He reclined on a canga - a thin sheet of rayon fabric popular on Brazilian beaches - the sand soothingly warm beneath his body.

His lovely brunette was still self-conscious about the scars on her left leg while wearing a swimsuit. After the wounds healed from her near-fatal motorcycle accident nearly two years ago, she had an elaborate flowering vine tattooed on her left leg that went from her hip to her ankle and wound itself around her leg. Its flowers and colorful butterflies artfully masked the worst of her scars. He thought it was beautiful and the scars didn't repulse him in the least. In fact he found them endearing, a mild imperfection, a reminder that she was still alive when she could have easily died.

That day she wore a black bikini with a halter neckline. It had fishnet trim along the sides of the bottoms and over the cleavage on the top. It was both modest and sexy at the same time, simply hinting at the sumptuous flesh beneath rather than revealing it. She emerged from waist-high water and flipped her long hair back with a quick jerk of her head. The gesture was incredibly erotic as droplets of water formed a high arc over her head. She pushed back the hair at the sides of her face and sauntered towards him, her hips swaying seductively, her nipples hard and poking through the shiny fabric of her swimsuit. He felt his dick harden in his swim trunks.

When she came out of the water, drops of water glistened on her golden tan skin like tiny diamonds. She wrung out her hair and let it lie in a ponytail over one shoulder before collapsing on the canga next to him and closed her eyes.

He propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at her face. She was beautiful, angelic looking with long dark lashes, a slightly upturned nose, and pouty lips. He leaned over and kissed her mouth and felt her lips form a smile beneath his. She groaned and her right hand gently clawed at his shoulder. He stopped kissing her and looked around. There was no one to be seen, the sun still low in the sky creating a fan of glistening gold on the water.

Her hazel eyes were open, a vixen grin on her lovely face. She knew what was on his mind and said, "There is another canga in my bag if you want to cover up with it."

He flipped over and went through her beach bag. She packed nearly everything except the kitchen sink. There were a variety of toiletries including a roll of toilet paper, a brush, comb, a sewing kit, two pairs of water moccasins - one pair for him and one for her. He gently pulled the colorful folded square of fabric out of the bag, careful not to spill any of the bag's contents onto the sand. He used the canga to cover himself up as he pulled off his swim trunks and Rowen wiggled out of her bikini bottoms. Covering both of them, he mounted her, pushing her legs apart with his knees.

She pulled up her top to expose her breasts and he latched onto her right nipple. Her skin smelled clean and salty, a combination of the ocean and the flowery soap she used that morning in the shower. Her nipple soon got hard and he knew his day's growth of beard was scratching her sensitive skin but she didn't seem to care. If anything she found it more arousing because she moaned and wriggled beneath him.

He went to work on her other nipple. His right hand worked its way down between her legs and he inserted a couple of fingers between her lower lips. Her breath caught in her throat and she jumped in surprise beneath him. He started to rub her clit. Her breathing grew labored intermittently interrupted by deep throated groans.

When she started whimpering, he let go of her nipple and positioned himself between her legs, using his hand to guide his cock into her hot

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