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At the mall with Tessa (Part 2) (fm:fetish, 2541 words) [3/3] show all parts

Author: philip
Added: Jul 05 2018Views / Reads: 687 / 477 [69%]Part vote: 9.00 (5 votes)
Tessa brings the shoe shop attendant past the point of no return with her red-hot new stiletto sandals, having him cream his revealing new trousers as she keeps me on the brink watching her expert foot tease.

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At the mall with Tessa (Part 2)

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As I followed Tessa out of the cocktail lounge, I was glad she'd asked me to help her carry her shopping bag. I could at least use it to try and hide the wet spot of arousal her expert little foot tease had left showing around the tip of my helpless erection. She took us to a shop called Heels Angels, and the mere sight of the high-heels they had on display was enough to send my arousal into overdrive. She went straight for one of the attendants and said:

"Hey Tony! Here's Philip! He's helping me with my shopping today! Is it your lunch break yet?"

He replied:

"Hey Tessa! Yes! In 2 minutes! And I think I've found the perfect shoes for you!"

She said:

"Oh thanks Tony! I can't wait to try them! But first let's do your own fitting hmm?"

She turned to me and explained:

"Don't you think Tony needs a bit of a makeover to look more the part for the job?"

As we waited for him, she started browsing through the shoes. She picked up a black shiny leather boot with an unbelievably high stiletto heel. She held it towards me, causing the heel to brush against my throbbing erection as she asked:

"How do you like that boot Philip?"

She started purposely rubbing the underside of my erect cock-head through my jeans with the tip of the stiletto. It only took her a few expert strokes to have me on the brink of climax. I struggled to reply:

"I... I love it Tessa! Only you're gonna make me..."

She giggled:

"Oh Philip! Don't tell me you're about to lose control already! Do you really like that boot that much? Don't forget you're going all commando under there uh?"

Just as I felt I would erupt, she stopped her tantalising action and asked me:

"Would you mind escorting me to this new restaurant tonight Philip? I've been invited for the opening but I don't want to be on my own! And you know Tim is away for the weekend hmm?"

I replied:

"Oh sure Tessa! I'd love to!"

She said:

"Oh thanks Philip! I'm sure we'll find you the perfect outfit!"

We followed her inside one of the department stores, and she picked up a pair of white silk gloves from the lingerie section. She commented:

"Hmm! They feel so nice! They might come in handy later!"

She led us up the escalator to the men's department. From where I stood a few steps behind her, I had an almost unimpeded view to the sexy

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