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The Dreamers: Part 2this story is part of the FanClub (fm:romantic, 11269 words) [2/3] show all parts

Author: Cyanide56
Added: Jul 06 2018Views / Reads: 554 / 234 [42%]Part vote: 9.75 (8 votes)
A Love story about a boy, a girl, and her time machine.

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The Dreamers: Part 2

The Northern night sky slowly rotated above us inside the great astronomical dome of the Magellan Planetarium as the audience sat listening to the astronomer in residence as he talked about all things universal and our place in it.

The auditorium was packed for his monthly lecture and I had been lucky enough to get a seat to the rear, and I sat there listening intently as he turned to the particular themes and subject which had come to interest me the most.

The astronomer came to the front of the platform with his microphone. "We all know the three dimensions in which everything exists, but for me things get really interesting when we consider the fourth dimension and add that to the mix. And the fourth dimension is?" he asked the audience, who responded with various people shouting back at him.

"That's right. Time. Time is the fourth dimension. If you want to turn your brain to mush, there are other theories that suggest more dimensions beyond even these four but that discussion is for another day when we've all had a few too many!" he laughed. 

"We can observe the first three by simply moving forward or back, left or right, and up and down. Time you can't see but we know it's there ...

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