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Emily (fm:romantic, 5415 words)

Author: K. Lee Picture in profile
Added: Jul 06 2018Views / Reads: 639 / 463 [72%]Story vote: 9.67 (6 votes)
Was Emily's new lover real or just a dream?

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Emily was really tired after a long day of work, and here she was sitting with this ‘boy' wearing a man bun for pete's sake. Why in the world does she keep falling for these blind date ideas from her friends. This guy was so boring, all he could talk about was his computer, his video games, and his mom's cooking. OMG she was so ready for this date to end. Worse, he ‘forgot his wallet', so of course not only was the dinner on her, but she had to give him a ride home. She wriggled out of his invite to ‘come see his basement room', and figured it was so worth it to pay for a cab to send him home instead of taking him herself; using the fact that she was really tired from work as an excuse.

It was really late, almost midnight, so after seeing man bun guy into his cab and enduring a slopping peck on the cheek, Emily got in her car and pulled from the parking space. She was weary, and as she pulled from the parking lot onto the main road, her thoughts were on another disappointment, and certainly she would not have sex tonight, but thank God for vibrators! She saw a flash of light, heard squalling tires, a loud bang, and someone screaming. Was that her??

Emily woke, startled, feeling uneasy about the dream she just had. She was not happy since she was finally getting some good rest and had been sleeping soundly. She looked at the alarm clock and it was midnight. As her eyes adjusted, she looked around her bedroom but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. She wondered what could have roused her out of such a deep sleep. She got up, and stumbled to the bathroom to pee. Afterward she walked room by room through her small apartment. Everything was as it should be. Shaking her head, she walked back to the bedroom.

She caught herself in the full length mirror on her bedroom door. Emily was not happy with the weight she was gaining, but she still had a nice figure. She thought of a recent meme she saw online "It's not the size you wear, it's how you wear the size." She had the kind of full figure a real man would love to get his rough calloused hands on. So why can't she find a decent boyfriend? Seems like every guy she goes out with isn't really much of a man! Damn...what she needs is a mountain man! A lumberjack! A real man that would pick her up, carry her off and ravish her! She sighed heavily and knew that they just don't make men like that anymore.

She climbed back into bed, but she knew her frustration would not allow her any sleep. She tossed and turned, and finally decided it was useless. "Fuck it," she said, and got up to go to the kitchen to start some coffee. Not that latte, cappuccino coffee wannabe shit. Just good old dark roast black coffee made on the stove top with a percolator.

She poured the coffee beans into her grinder and started turning, she liked her coffee fresh. Much like they used to do in the old days; like her dad used to make. She called it Mississippi Mud when she was growing up. She smiled as she made it, knowing most of the guy friends she knew at the office couldn't handle real coffee! She always brought a thermos of her coffee with her to work. One time one of the guys asked if he could try some, so she gave him a little, knowing he would probably spit it out. Sure enough, he took one sip and spit it back in the cup! She thought he was gonna start crying, which made her giggle inside.

She sat and waited for the coffee to begin its perk. Once it started, she turned the heat down so it would perk slowly and she walked back into the bedroom. Time for a shower and get dressed while the coffee perks. She liked her coffee like she liked her men; hot and strong!

Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and threw her on the bed. She gasped, reached up, turned on the bedside lamp, and looked around the room. Nobody was there. Her heart was pounding; she knew somebody had to have been in the room, she felt his hands, but her eyes said there was no one there.

"That's so weird", she thought, "I know I'm not going crazy". The light flickered and went out and she saw a shadow move in front of her. She started to get up, but was forced back onto the bed and held down, her

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