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Susan (fm:threesomes, 4309 words)

Author: K. Lee Picture in profile
Added: Jul 09 2018Views / Reads: 2818 / 2526 [90%]Story vote: 9.57 (35 votes)
Susan's camping experience with Dan and Sara was extraordinary!

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Susan lay awake in her tent, listening to the night sounds. The tree frogs, the crickets, the occasional owl and whippoorwill all were making a symphony just for her. She smiled and took in a deep breath. She loved camping alone. Being out in the woods, by the lake, was just so relaxing and peaceful. She hated living in the city. Everybody was fake and drama oriented. She couldn't stand it. It made her sick. She figured that's why she had no real friends. She never went out. But out here, she felt she was home. She loved hiking through the woods. She really liked swimming in the lake.....skinny dipping. Weekends would see a few other campers up here, but during the week she was usually alone.

As she lay in her sleeping bag listening to the forest symphony, she reached down and touched herself. She closed her eyes as her finger played with her clit. She reached up with her other hand and began flicking and playing with one of her big nipples. She had a nice body, a little on the thick side, but she had nice curves. She often caught some of her coworkers (male and female) staring at her cleavage, since she had 40DD breasts and they just kind of popped right out there. She tried dating one of her coworkers, but he was all thumbs and couldn't really handle this much woman!

She played with her clit, and moved her fingers down across her sweet valley into her moist opening. She was already wet, of course, she was the only one she had met who could rouse her so. She rolled her nipple in her fingers as she penetrated herself with two fingers. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation as she went in and out. She masturbated hard and fast until she climaxed and she felt her creamy juices flowing around her fingers. She pulled her hand out and sucked on her fingers. Mmmmmmm....she so enjoyed having an orgasm,"I love the sensual taste of pleasure" she said to herself. Feeling relaxed following her self- pleasure, she rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning after her hike, she headed to the lake for a swim. She sat on the dock and looked around. Not seeing anybody, she stripped her clothes off and dove in. She felt the rush of cold water against her body, and the titillation was nearly orgasmic. Her nipples immediately went erect. When she came to the surface, she heard voices. She looked around in a panic, there on the dock was an older couple, probably in their late 40's, standing next to her clothes looking at her. They smiled knowingly.

Grinning from ear to ear the man said, "How's the water?"

Susan smiled nervously and said, "A little cool but it feels nice!"

The couple nodded and then they too stripped all their clothes off and jumped in. Susan was a little embarrassed. Here she was skinny dipping with an older couple. They weren't real old but probably twice her age. The woman had beautiful curvature and the man was muscular and taut. She also ashamedly noted that he was well hung, guessing him to be a good 8 to 9 inches, and lusciously thick. She chastised herself for not only looking but thinking about him, yet she could feel a little tingle of excitement between her legs.

The couple swam over close to her, introducing themselves, "Hi...I'm Sarah and this is my husband Dan."

Susan timidly responded, "Hi...I'm Susan..."

Dan said, "It's so refreshing to see someone like you that likes to swim freely. Someone who is not ashamed of her body! Do you come here often?"

Susan said, "I love to go camping and swimming every chance I get. I hate living in the city."

"We feel the same way." said Sarah. The couple played in the water, splashing each other, and laughing together. Eventually they managed to include Susan as they noted that she had been watching them. The play got rather intimate as they brushed up against each other occasionally. At one point she felt Dan's hard shaft brush against her leg, and once

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Twig writes Fri 13 Jul 2018 07:22:

Nice story and a good read too!


norwich writes Wed 11 Jul 2018 00:21:

A wonderful story. Great reading.


JL writes Tue 10 Jul 2018 03:15:

Terrific! Thanks.


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