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Loose Ends 3 (fm:seduction, 3908 words) [3/3] show all parts

Author: jwdoney
Added: Jul 10 2018Views / Reads: 673 / 429 [64%]Part vote: 9.77 (13 votes)
The announcement of my retirement from active writing and an explanation why, followed by an original story titled "EVERYTHING".

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Since I don't have a blog and messaging through ES internal mail only reaches a portion of my readers, LOOSE ENDS seems to serve as the best outlet for information. Due to a busy schedule, working two jobs, a promotion, family matters and just not enough time in a day, I am effectively retiring from writing. After nearly 19 years writing and posting, many successful stories, some rewards, and more praise than venom, I will be scaling my writing and posting back to almost nil. If time allows, I will finish some of my open stories, but it is hard to find inspiration when I am so exhausted I can't think and quite often I have to choose between 4 or 5 hours of sleep or trying to write for an hour. I will be posting way less, possibly not even a story (or part) a month.

Who knows, maybe after things slow down at the hotel, this Fall I can write a bit more, but I know when I go days without opening Google Docs, I'm tired and burned out. I will try to add to or finish running stories, but I cannot make any false promises. I won't. Maybe some of you think I just like to start a story, write a couple of parts, leave you hanging, then start a new story. NO. I hate it and wish I could win the lottery so that I could write when I want without stress, pressure and nagging. Besides God, who I love and cherish, I answer to bosses, an ex-wife, my mom and whoever else thinks they can boss me around. Even now my dog is saying "Pet me" while I'm trying to write this. Holly is an amazing girlfriend, but she wants to spend time with me, not sit around while I write, so there's that too.

Just so we're clear, and I don't get buried by feedback, I am essentially retiring and cannot promise when or if most of my stories will continue or end. I will try to write when I can, but there are no promises that even a story a month will be posted. I thank all of you for reading, discussing, and voting for my stories. Thank you for the feedback, support and criticism that have helped me hone and craft my style to what it is today. Thank you to everyone who bought my books on Amazon, under writer JW Doney. Thank you to the friends that have transcended ES and become real life friends. Thank you to my editors James F, Dennis D, and Michael. Lastly, thank you to every person who ever read anything I have written... I did it for you.

What follows is an original story titled "EVERYTHING" that instead of posting, I have saved to cap off this quite possibly my final LOOSE ENDS. Enjoy.



EVERYTHING is an original story posted here for the first time.



Any people, places, names, products or events mentioned or inferred are done so without permission or endorsement. This is a work of fiction.

My name is John, I am 30 years old, single, stand 6' in good shape, have short black hair, and work as the manager of a locally owned everything store. The name of the store is "EVERYTHING" because we sell pretty much anything you can think of. There's no ridiculous convenience store markup, we make sure we're fully staffed, and because of a perfect combination of everything, no pun intended, we are always busy. Groceries, hardware, small appliances and electronics, movies and games, toys, clothes, shoes, makeup, auto supplies, we have everything. The owners are my parents closest friends, and I have worked for them for almost 10 years. I was the assistant manager all through college, and they made me manager as soon as I came home with my degree. I am single, but I am close friends with Jenna, one of my employees, and my sister's best friend. Jenna is 29, has long black hair, a killer body, is stunningly beautiful, and we have been in love with each other for half our lives. We tried 12 years ago to date, but we bickered more than we got along... and that's when we weren't kissing. Over the years when Jenna was single, or I was, we talked about trying again, but one of us was always dating someone.

Jenna is also a single mom of an awesome 8 year old daughter named

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