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A hot summer's night (fm:romantic, 5414 words)

Author: Lovinglupo
Added: Jul 11 2018Views / Reads: 1957 / 937 [48%]Story vote: 9.43 (7 votes)
Passionate first sex between two colleagues during a hot summer night.

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Chapter One - Devoured by the Beast

There had been all these small moments over the evening when our eyes met filled with unsaid words and things we both wanted but never dared to speak out. Until now when it was time for a gentleman to say a lady goodbye and leave her standing alone and dreaming of what might have been. There he was, handsome even while he missed the measures of a perfect model. He was very slim with short reddish blond hair a sweet and shy look but a sparkling in his eyes. His shirt fitted him well and even while he was slim I knew he made sport and that could be seen. It was this moment when I could not resist touching his hand. I pulled at him and leaned forward to invite Marek to a sweet kiss. I smelled the coffee in his breath but also the man underneath. I wanted to taste him and so I let my tongue flick out to touch his moist lips and break into his delicious mouth. To my surprise, he knelt down in front of me and wrapped his right arm around my hip pulling me into his waiting face, breathed the smell of my heated shame through the skirt and panty. The excitement made me tremble and he held me in his firm grasp so that I could not fall. There was something animal in it how he sniffed at me and seemed to live up to his name. It really reminded me of a hungry wolf on the trail of its prey.

His free hand began to fondle at my leg and under the skirt, gently pressing on the soft fabric between my crotch. I barely felt the lightly moving fingers on the heated skin of my vulva as he pulled the fabric away. Meanwhile, his face pressed against me and his lips and nose inhaled every odor lingering there. Suddenly he stopped and when I opened my eyes to return his gaze, he seemed surprised. His creeping fingers had found their way much higher up there in my panties and he seemed to notice the fluff I let grow around my vulva.

An excited smile stole around his lips and finally the hungry wolf lifted the skirt and pulled down the panties in one fell swoop to enjoy the full view of my pubic. I felt a bit dirty under his gaze because I had not showered since early morning and it was a hot summer day. The panty had been sweaty and I was sure he would hesitate. But this little animal did not care; on the contrary, it just seemed to make him much greedier. He pressed his lips right into the reddish fur and began to kiss and suckle at the hair making me wet with his saliva. His tongue flicked out and lashed all over my pubic area as if he had been hungry for days, while sending trembling shivers through my spine.

Finally he stopped and pressed a tiny little kiss right on top of my moist pink. A short high yelp escaped my lips and I could feel small droplets of juice tickling out of my labia. The next sensation came from his hot and wet tongue pressing onto my vulva forcing its way between the lips of my pussy, probing and reaching for the juicy cream I gladly wanted him to taste of. Whilst the minutes passed my hungry wolf devoured me and he literally tongue-fucked me greedily slurping my cunt juice out of me.

I never felt dirtier, I never felt hotter than at this moment when this man savored me like a hungry beast. A tremendous climax began to build up in my belly and hips and I could no longer hold on but had to moan for the sheer joy of it. When his tongue came out again from my throbbing hole he rubbed it all over the snatch and began to tingle at the clit which until now just had been touched and tickled by his nose and upper lips whilst he let his tongue wriggle its way in my opening to explore my depths.

I tried hard not to come right away and held my breath to stop me from loosing this moment of excitement crawling warm and hot from my womb the walls of my vagina downwards sending first shivers to my legs. He felt my tension and Marek started to suckle at my love nob and I could no longer hold onto me. A pulsating shiver shook my body and he had to keep me up with his arm around my hip with all his might to hold me upright and firmly pressed against his still nibbling lips and his face between my legs. I moaned out loudly and uncontrolled shivers shook my whole body. The heat from running down from my womb reached its climax right in my vagina and sent me into shuddering oblivion.

The hungry wolf did not stop sucking and licking my trembling love spot. I needed all my strength to push him away when my pussy started to feel a little too sensitive for so much worship. Embarrassed I felt some spittle drooling out my mouth and I had to gasp heavy in for every bit

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