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Uncontrolled Experiment: The Sexpertthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:seduction, 6515 words)

Author: Ethereal
Added: Jul 13 2018Views / Reads: 2349 / 1809 [77%]Story vote: 9.60 (20 votes)
Catalina is an expert on human sexuality. When she gets called in for a talk show one early Sunday morning she finds herself learning something very new.

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A new type of virus was discovered and examined. It held the secrets to health and cures to every disease tested. But it also unleashes the sexual instincts of those it infects, shattering all inhibitions. After a lab accident, the virus is loose in the populace.

And it's spreading.


"Sexpert." I was a counselor on relationship advice, couples, and sexual behavior. But "sexpert" sounded so clever to people.

That's why they called me in that Sunday morning. It was short notice, but I'd done it before- mainly talking to an audience of housewives looking to spice things up a bit for their man. I could sleepwalk through those things, I'd done enough appearances like that.

What really kept me booked was having that nice "sexpert" look. You know what I mean: smart and sexy. I work out, keeping my tummy thin and my legs in shape. I kept a good tan, and dammit, I just looked good. My hair is nice, dark, and thick, and I've got the right mix of my dad's Mediterranean looks and mom's delicate Scandinavian features passed on to me.

I wasn't the "it girl" of sex therapy anymore, though. In my ...

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