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I am a lady - not a whore. older woman / younger man. (fm:older women/men, 961 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: juniper
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She knew he was only with her for her late husband's money. But, she could deceive her own desires into believing otherwise. she desired sex. he would give it to her - better than she had ever had before. older woman and younger man.

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She knew he was only with her for her late husbands money. But, she could deceive her own desires into believing otherwise. After all she was much older than him. She was tired of being alone drifting from door frame to store front, listening artificially as old friends scheduled dates of which she had no intention of attending. What she saw in him was the beauty of his nose chiseled to perfection, his marine eyes which drown her soul and the tightness of his behind - she spend many moments staring longingly towards those features, more commonly the latter. He was so different from her husband, she loved her husband for his mind - a mind filled with secrets and thoughts, intelligence that could distract her for hours. But, now he's gone. Now she wanted something different, something which she had be starved of for there last few years. And now was the time to get it.

They met at an elegant site, as usual; he was wearing a dinner suit and she in a pale pink evening gown suitable for the occasion. Streetcars whirred past the glass. This was their third meeting - she did not believe she could contain her emotions and desires much longer. He leaned over the table with a cockiness which drove her almost to orgasm knowing exactly the emotions she was trying hopelessly to keep at bay and kissed her on the cheek. She blushed, as a lady would. As they finished dinner her palms began to sweat while he lead her up to her apartment. She wanted to desperately for him to stay. With him standing behind him she unlocked the door with a creek that served as a metaphor for the desires he unlocked within her. They sat beside each other sipping a ivy concoctions from ornate martini glasses, and the moment she placed hers down with a clink to the glass table beneath, he grasped her hand bringing it up to his lips. After all she was not vulgar. She stared into his eyes almost in approval to him taking her. Quicker then she knew it he was pressed upon her lips, he unbowed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt flinging them passionately too the coffee table sending the glasses shattering too the ground "should i" before he could finish "n-ahh-no" she uttered losing breath and tilting her head back in delight as he proceeded to begin kissing her chest and unclasping the back of her gown. She was in nothing but her white corset and garter belt and he completely nude. He picked her up wrapping her legs around his waist and took her into the bedroom. He was so assertive. She was acting unlike a lady would, out of character and completely turned on. He threw her down to the bed and began making love to her. She moaned loader than she knew she could, if she was asked to repeat she would not know how. The bed creaked as he got deeper. Kissing her neck as she came closer.

A few months passed of the same routine. Meet. She buys. Make love.

One night was different, after attending a state ball dressed in diamonds, pearls and silk. She understood that he was becoming uninterested - she could not bear the thought of him leaving her. As they began the trip back to her place she threw herself upon him kissing him passionately on the lips then the neck - it was so unlike her to make the first move, after all it was improper for a lady to actor out of desire. The driver was foreign but knew most certainly what was happening in the back seats behind him. She slid to his feet and unzipped his trousers. He was surprised, the women he went out with were much older than him and would never do such a thing, although she was much more attractive than them even for a older woman. He did not object. She rose with diamonds glittering as headlights shot passed and he placed his hand on her breast pulling the dress down just a enough to expose them, she held her hand upon his 'driver-ahh-give us privacy' she moaned ‘privacy!', he had such control over her he did nothing but massage her bosom which brought her to ecstasy. The driver pulled over and got out. She kissed him moaning softly as he pulled her towards him. She sank down into his lap and began sucking his hard penis, her red lips stretched around its girth. He caught the eye of the driver standing outside, he gave him a wink. He picked her up and placed her on the leather seat beside him lifting her dress to her hips and began to penetrate her quivering body she moaned and he shook the car as he drove deeper "i want you -ahh- please don't stop" she moaned erotically. He withdrew "at home". He prompted the driver in. She could not contain herself and began kissing him passionately once more. "tell me how you want me" he said. She whispered in his ear as he kissed her neck and chest. He moved back to her mouth and slid his hand down to her wet pussy fingering her catching his tung in her mouth. When they arrived to her apartment door she threw her clothes too the floor and he lifter her up pushing her against the wall. He slid his dick inside her ad began fucking her as she moaned. Her garter belt snapped as he became more ravenous. "beg" he said gripping his hands around her neck. She was resistant but uttered "please!-ahhh" "what?" "please "she mound grasping at the empty wall. He was so deep.

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