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Creating an Addiction part 3 – A hotwife tale (fm:slut wife, 6047 words) [3/3] show all parts

Author: dirty geezer
Added: Jul 18 2018Views / Reads: 1604 / 1026 [64%]Part vote: 9.67 (12 votes)
Continuing the story of how I created the cock craving hotwife of my dreams, with more than a little help from my fuck slut buddy.

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Please read parts 1&2 first to make sense of where you are in the development of my hotwife.

I was sitting at my computer at home and opened a chat window and sent an initial ‘Hi' to my fuck buddy and slut Sam, as I had a lot to chat about with her. I knew she may be out or busy, so while I waited for a reply I reviewed in my own mind the past few months events.

So I was starting to find myself in the position I had always fantasised about - a husband to my increasingly sexual ‘hotwife' Natalie. While it had been many years since my loving wife had previously had fun chatting sexually with other men, the long gap had not put out the fires which must have lain dormant - or at least only in her imagination as she focussed on being a good ‘nice' wife. It had taken some devious plans dreamt up by myself and my slutty fuck buddy Sam to unlock the desires Nat had repressed. Oh and how that fire had been stoked by her old online lover Ritchie since we had manipulated things to bring them both together once more!

I couldn't help but smile as I recalled Sam's updates, getting all the juicy details from her old boyfriend Ritchie about how he was slowly and surely making my wife his online slut. From a cheeky message or two in Facebook to sessions on the phone and video chat, watching my wife opening her legs to another man, fingering herself while the two talked dirty. Nat had shocked me how dirty she was willing to be with someone who wasn't her husband - but I could understand it was easier to completely let go with a stranger or at least someone who wasn't your true partner.

I could actually hear her now, giggling on the phone with Ritchie, now that her ‘secret' was out she was happy to play with her dirty master whether I was around or not. She knew it turned me on as much as her, seeing and hearing her talk dirty, often with a buzzing toy in he hand, and nearly always with a butt plug fitted. Oh yes, Ritchie had her training for him now, and she was already up to her largest butt plug, easily spending several hours with it stretching out her arsehole, training her to relax ready to take Ritchie's big thick cock. Nat also spent some time every other day with long dildo's in her mouth, and I was proud that she could now force the entire length of the longest down her throat without gagging too hard. It certainly had improved the deep and wet blow jobs she gave me, her enthusiasm ignited by her on fire cunt, her libido raging now she had another man interested in her. It had surprised me when a parcel arrived one day - a gift from her lover, new toys, lubes, and some very flimsy and slutty underwear and outfits. Nat giggled as she held the obscenely large toys he had bought her, but I could see her shudder when she imagined using the largest dildo and butt plug he had selected - both black latex I noticed, possibly to get her used to something big and black inside her. It was no surprise to me that Ritchie had slipped in some black toys, as Sam had shared his ‘big black cock' fantasies with me - and I too now shared his interracial perversions.

The new sexually flushed Natalie certainly appeared to get a lot more attention from men now, a mixture of her growing sexual confidence and the sexier clothes she wore. She truly was becoming a hotwife - all it needed to complete the title was a real-life meet-up and fuck session with another man. Rather than hide it, Nat often came home from work telling me how guys had hit on her, and how it made her feel sexy. I showed my pleasure (and hardening cock) when she did so, whispering encouraging words in her ear, suggesting she wear lower cut tops, tighter clothes, maybe try some of the skimpy underwear Ritchie sent her. My suggestions often got a mixed reaction, but the naughtier side of her always won these days, and she smiled a sexy little smile and nodded in agreement, her mind picturing men devouring her with their eyes, wanting her. We usually ended up fucking like rabbits with her pussy soaked through after each time we talked about it.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by my chat screen suddenly updating, Sam replying to say she was about for a little while.

"Good, I hoped I'd catch you Sam. How about we meet up for some fun in a couple of weeks?" I asked her, a new plan in mind.

"Just tell me the hotel and when and I'll be there," came the reply from my slutty fuck buddy. Sam was always up for a hot session of dirty

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