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JoAnn (fm:group, 6125 words)

Author: K. Lee Picture in profile
Added: Jul 18 2018Views / Reads: 4276 / 3758 [88%]Story vote: 9.51 (43 votes)
JoAnn was the hot mom in the neighborhood that every boy had wet dreams about. Little did Kevin know his fantasy would become reality when he turned 18!

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Kevin knew Mrs. JoAnn Morris pretty much all his life. She was his best friend's Mom. Kevin and Bruce grew up across the street from each other and were pretty much inseparable. They often would hang out with Sam from down the street, and as they grew up the three spent a great deal of time together hanging out mostly at Bruce's house. When they were little they were the 3 Musketeers! They would have sleep overs together, played baseball and football together, and watched TV together.

Kevin always liked Bruce's mom. She was really nice and paid a lot of attention to the boys. She was divorced and lived alone with Bruce. Kevin never really noticed how hot and sexy she was until he was about 12, a time when many boys start to notice female bodies. As Kevin began to notice her, he also noticed that her ‘niceness' felt like she liked him, REALLY liked him. His new found feelings for her changed when they had a sleepover when Kevin was 12. Kevin, Sam and Bruce were staying up late, watching an old black and white horror movie on TV, eating popcorn and drinking soda. They would fall asleep on the living room floor with the TV on almost every time they spent the night.

That night, Kevin got up after everyone else was asleep to go pee. As he stumbled to the bathroom, he heard some noises from Mrs. Morris' bedroom. There were no lights on, so he sneaked over to the door which was ajar. He peeked into the bedroom. It was illuminated by a full moon outside the window. He could see Mrs. Morris on her bed, naked. She was lying on her back. Her huge breasts stood out shadowed in the moonlight like two mountains in the distance. With one hand she was playing with one of her nipples and with the other she was using something between her legs, causing her to arch her hips and back upwards and making her groan. He didn't know it at the time but it was a big dildo. She was sliding it in and out, faster and faster making a wet splashy sound as she moaned louder.

Even though Kevin didn't fully understand what she was doing, he got his first real boner, which shocked him. He went into the bathroom and shut the door. He pulled his pants down and stared at his not so little erect dick. He wasn't sure what this was about so he grabbed it. Wow...that felt good. He started rubbing it and that felt even better!. He closed his eyes and pictured Mrs. Morris in her bedroom as he rubbed it, and all of a sudden it shot out a load of gooey stuff. He shuddered. He had never felt anything like that before. He freaked out about the mess he made and quickly used some toilet paper to clean it up. Lying back down in the living room, his mind kept going back to Mrs. Morris and what he just experienced.

Over the years, Kevin would masturbate to the thought of Mrs. Morris many times, and often had fantasies of having sex with her, or her inviting him into her room to help her with her own masturbation. Of course, he never said anything about how hot he thought she was to Bruce. But he and Sam had quite a few discussions about it. Apparently, Kevin wasn't the only one who thought she was hot. Kevin began spending some more time with Sam, without Bruce, in order to talk about their feelings for her and fantasies they had. They would talk about her, calling her by her first name as if they were grown up and had a relationship with her.

In one particular fantasy, the boys got pretty carried away with an idea of a threesome with JoAnn. Kevin said it would start during a sleep over. He imagined JoAnn tapped him on the shoulder and invited him into her room to watch her masturbate. Sam added that he then woke up and come to join him. Kevin said JoAnn would open her top and her breast would pop out and she instructed him to touch them, to squeeze them, to kiss them and to suck on them, burying his face in her massive cleavage. Sam said he then would grab her arms out of the way and holding them back so her chest protruded even more while Kevin sucked, then would take Kevin's place. Kevin said that he would then stick his dick in her pussy while Sam sucked her tits. Sam argued that Kevin should suck her tits while he got to fuck her. The two argued over who went first, or who could please her more. Kevin wondered if after those talks, Sam would go home and masturbate like he did.

Kevin loved the summer months because Mrs. Morris would always wear next to nothing including no bra half the time. She had these huge 40DDD

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g.b. (guest) writes Fri 3 Aug 2018 17:30:

I wish it been me


crimeprof@yahoo.com (guest) writes Thu 26 Jul 2018 00:05:

Great job! Perhaps the best I've ever read in this genre - older women/boys. Loved it. 10 boners!


Twig writes Wed 18 Jul 2018 18:18:

Great birthday present! Great read!


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