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Exploration on the Mayan Riviera (bi:interracial, 7790 words)

Author: ThePiggy
Added: Jul 19 2018Views / Reads: 738 / 659 [89%]Story vote: 10.00 (10 votes)
My wife picked up by a black man, admits something I'd never imagined and then we all play together

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I met my wife when we were seniors in high school. We dated throughout college and two years after I graduated we were married. We had gone to different colleges and I had a few indiscretions during those four years. Every girl I knew at school who had a boyfriend back home had cheated on him so I was sure Carole had at least a few hookups of her own which, in my mind, evened the score.

Carole was a petite 110lbs when we were married and she was a smoke show in college. She had a pretty face with high cheekbones and beautiful hazel eyes. She also had perky b cup tits and a fantastic ass. Over the course of our twenty year marriage her body had filled out. Her taut, muscular ass got softer and wider. Her tiny waist and flat stomach grew thick and pudgy but she was still as beautiful to me in her forties as she had been in her twenties and despite her belief to the contrary other men found her attractive.

"That guy keeps checking you out," I told my wife as I laid beside her at the resort's "quiet" pool. I had been watching him while I pretended to read a book for almost an hour and his glances at my pretty wife had lingered longer each time he glanced at her. It was far from the first time I'd seen guys checking out my curvaceous wife in a bathing suit.

"I know," she replied with a soft chuckle. "He keeps smiling at me too." She grinned at me and playfully bit her bottom lip as if something naughty was on her mind.

"Really, and how does that make you feel?" I asked. She had been rather flirtatious when she was much younger but she had grown to hate her body and her lack of confidence had put an end to her flirtatious ways.

"Good I guess," Carole answered with a nervous smile, "he's hot." I could tell that the situation made her a little uncomfortable but for some reason I found it exciting. We had been married for more than twenty years and we were just a normal, monogamous couple. Our sex life, like most, had ebbs and flows. We had been in a bit of a dry-spell before our trip to the Mayan Riviera but we'd already had sex three times in two days since we'd arrived so it felt like we'd turned a corner.

"You think he's attractive?" I continued. He was clearly in great shape with a chiseled chest and rock hard abs but he was not her usual type. Carole had always gone for pretty white boys with brown hair and blue eyes like me. Her admirer had no hair, dark eyes and his skin was as black as night. He wasn't even light or medium skinned, he was Caribbean or African black and the fact that she found him attractive was a bit of a shock to me.

"He's really hot baby," she laughed and nodded enthusiastically. Her response was like a dagger in my gut but at the same time I felt my dick begin to stir. I had never been a jealous person and back in college she had often shared stories of being at bars and flirting with guys for free drinks. She claimed she had never cheated on me but I doubted her claim.

She glanced at her admirer and their eyes met. A playful smile spread across her face and my pulse quickened. I hadn't seen the flirty, playful side of my wife in years and it made me want her badly. She looked sexy as hell with a devilish grin on her pretty face.

"I need you Baby," I said as I sat up and began rubbing her smooth, sweaty thigh. My dick began to swell even more and I kissed her neck tasting her salty flesh as a low moan slipped from my lips.

"Is this turning you on?" Carole teased. Her hand moved to my leg and she began to rub it slowly creeping higher as she held my gaze. Her pretty eyes glimmered and a crooked smile danced on her lips.

"A little," I croaked as my dick grew bigger in my swimsuit. My heart was thumping loudly in my chest and I leaned in for another kiss but she stopped me and flashed me a naughty grin.

"Would it excite you if I did this?" Carole asked in a low, husky tone as she looked across the pool at her muscular admirer and held his gaze. She moved her hands up her torso to her big natural breasts,

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