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I am a lady - not a whore. older woman / younger man - pt 2 (fm:older women/men, 853 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: juniper
Added: Jul 20 2018Views / Reads: 1577 / 2 [0%]Part vote: 8.17 (6 votes)
A boring dinner turns into a sexual escapade. when she has one too many drinks, she cant help but want him, her young gigelo.

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At dinner as usual - surrounded by boring people speaking languages from French too Turkish. All arranged in neat groups conversing in some type of English everyone could mostly understand. She stretched her graceful leg over to his, brushing the back of his calf like the leg of a ballerina. He was talking to some man dressed in traditional African clothing with his back too her. She did it again; he placed his hand on her knee brushing up and down her thigh while still in conversation. "are you verking on any new projects my dear" the German woman opposite her asked, snapping her out of the sexual trance. "oh... no" she gasped as he began running his finger over her vagina teasing her clit. She masked the pleasure with a cough and proceeded to reply "I have decided to take a break for this year" moaning under her breath and playing with her necklace as she turned too him, staring into his eyes. "excuse me" she announced to the table whilst still staring and her gigelo beside her. She waltzed towards the bathroom... he knocked back his whiskey and said moments after "excuse me" in a the typical seductive tone of his Italian accent walking hastily behind her reaching for and gripping her hand "we shouldn't" she exclaimed knowing she wanted. The table seemed not the notice. Once they entered the archive of the restrooms he pushed her against the wall teasing her kisses jerking his head back each time she got close until he unlocked one large cubicle and lifted her up unclasping her gown dropping it too the floor - by this time all she could get of him was his blazer. Holding her up to the wall he unzipped his trousers and teased her vagina pulling her close kissing down her neck to her chest. Until he slid into her giving out a moan and she a gasp and began lifting and dropping her down onto his rock hard cock. The deepness of this penetration made her moan with a most intense strength, showing passion and ecstasy. He began to sweat watching her get closer to orgasm until she let out a cry followed by a huge gasp of air. At which point he began rubbing her jewel increasing the intensity of the moment. He stood holding her while she recovered, then walked across the room to the mirror her following him noticing his lips were covered in her red lipstick she began kissing him passionately once more "now we must go" he said clasping her gown up kissing her on the cheek to avoid any further lipstick. Then leaving the restroom. She remained, reapplying her lipstick. By the time they both met the table half the people had left, the German lady gave him a smirk and a nod almost as as if she knew what had just happened.

As the drove home she rested with her head on his shoulder. "should we go for a drink?" He asked walking her out of rest. In fact, he had very little too eat or drink that night... "yes my darling, anything for you" she replied half asleep. She on the other hand, had one too many gins... They sat next to each other in the bar "maybe you should taper off - here, i'll get you a Shirley temple" he said, playing with her hand "are you suggesting I'm drunk? I - I'm, I am not - not a little girl! I don't get drunk!" She was agitated and swaying, leaning on him. He walked jokingly up to the bar. She sat arms along the the sofa staring at him as he ordered the drinks. "the task is complete my queen" he bowed and settled next to her. "have you been enjoying the evening?" She whispered in his ear "yes - a nice fu..." they were interrupted by the waiters tray shaking and clinking the glass table. She picked up her drink and teased the cherry seductively, quite out of character for her, then knocked it back "shall we go, maybe its time we go home?" He said. He walked her too the car, she was stumbling. In the car she sat on his lap kissing him passionately. "we are not going to do this while your drunk" he was a gentleman and was not about to take advantage of her... she crossed her arms infront of her chest.

They woke up later than usual the next morning - spooned next to each other, hair ruffled, hands clasped. She murmured something. And he woke, watching her as she slept. "my head - oh - my head is throbbing" she said massaging her forehead. She was in nothing but her garter best and corset. " I didn't want to wake you - all I could get off was your gown" he said while rubbing her shoulders. "shit! Shit! SHIT! Tatiana is coming at 12 o clock" he rolled on top of her kissing her, fingering her. "Are you sure we cant..." she interrupted him "NO! We have half an hour!"

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