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Confessions of a Sex Addict - The Wedding (fm:one-on-one, 5381 words)

Author: Bloomgirl
Added: Jul 23 2018Views / Reads: 3949 / 3506 [89%]Story vote: 9.71 (42 votes)
Abby is bored at a wedding, but not for long!

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Abby fiddled with the fork, tapping it on the empty plate as her eyes darted around the room. She was bored. She didn't know anyone here other than Paul and he was currently sat in a corner with a bunch of his work mates, gradually getting more drunk and louder with each passing minute.

She was annoyed more than anything. Paul rarely did anything work related outside of his work hours, but when the invite to his line manager's wedding came he'd accepted without hesitation and without checking with Abby first. She supposed he was keen to keep on the right side of management, so she bit her tongue and made an effort.

The last half an hour or so had been interesting though. She was observing, trying to work out the couples, married or otherwise, and also taking note of those that were clearly looking elsewhere. The Groom in particular was interesting. He was all smiles as he and his new bride mingled with their guests and introduced each other to their friends, but when he didn't think anyone was looking, his face took on the appearance of a frightened rabbit caught in a car's headlights.

But that entertainment had its limits and now she had to get out for a change of scenery. Paul was still engrossed in his group of friends, so she left him to it and made her way outside. It was that time of the evening that was neither light or dark, and the air was still humid. There was other guests outside too, a few smoking, some watching the kids running around and others,like her, just taking a gentle stroll around the grounds. She found a quiet spot just around the corner from the entrance and sat down on the wall to gather her thoughts.

"You look as fed up as I feel," a voice said. She had no idea how long she'd been sat lost in her own thoughts and for a moment she didn't respond. The owner of the voice, a red haired young man she vaguely recognised as one of the wedding party, sat next to her and offered her a cigarette whilst lighting up his own.

"No thanks. And you're right, I am fed up."

"Scott, " he said, holding out his hand to shake hers. "I'm the Bride's cousin. I really hate these family things."

"Abby," she smiled back. "My boyfriend works with the Groom. I don't know anyone else here at all and he's too busy sucking up to his work mates to realise I don't want to be here."

"Well he's an idiot. He should be honoured to have a gorgeous lady like you at his side and should be paying her lots of attention." Abby felt herself blush and Scott shook his head. "I mean it. You deserve better."

"Well maybe things just got a bit better," Abby responded, hearing a tone to her voice she recognised. Without thinking, she was flirting, beginning a well practised routine that lured many men to do exactly what she wanted.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Scott said, stubbing out his cigarette on the wall. "Find somewhere a bit quieter?"

Abby nodded, her body tingling in anticipation already. Scott wasn't going to need much persuasion, the bulge in his trousers already evident as he helped her get off the wall. Both caught each other's gaze and their fate sealed without a word. She followed a pace behind him until they were into the gardens and away from the hotel. He then took her hand and lead the way further.

"I came out here earlier in the day whilst we were having the photos done," he said. "There's a bit of the garden that's hidden, surrounded by tall hedges. It'll be nice and quiet there."

After a few moments, they found the place. It was perfect, a small wooden bench with an archway of roses above it, completely hidden from view. It was easy to forget the crowded room of wedding guests not that far away here.

They settled on the bench and both were silent for while. Abby half

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