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Chapter Twenty-Six. 2006. (fm:other, 4762 words) [27/30] show all parts

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1. An unusual and unexpected, but very exciting encounter with burglars. 2. Les, the initial encounter with my new long-term lover.

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Sandi's Erotic Adventures.

A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter Twenty-Six. 2006.

(February.) Burglars.

Ever since my parents had retired and moved to Oxfordshire, presumably to be nearer their friends from the world of academia, I had been asked to keep an eye on their property whenever they were away; particularly since their second move to a somewhat isolated house near A******. I like the secluded house they live in and don't mind the chore one bit, usually taking paperwork and staying overnight every three or four days during their absence.

Like I said I didn't find it an inconvenient arrangement at all but then the following incident occurred.

I arrived at my parent's house early Monday evening on the second week of their fortnights holiday. Taking my shoulder bag, briefcase and small case with my overnight things from the boot of the car I walked the short distance to the front door. Letting myself in I quickly set my belongings down on the floor to de-activate the alarm, which to my surprise remained silent. Surely I hadn't forgotten to set the alarm on my last visit I thought, but then a guy suddenly appeared from the lounge and kicked the front door shut before grabbing me. Two other guys came running down the stairs and seeing they were all wearing balaclava type face coverings I realised I'd interrupted a burglary.

In a state of shock I found myself bundled onto a hall chair whereupon a fourth burglar arrived on the scene carrying the ball of string usually kept in the kitchen. Almost before I realised what was happening my wrists had been tied together behind the chair back and my ankles secured to the front legs of it.

They seem very professional I thought, twisting and turning in vain against the bonds. All I accomplished was the hem of my skirt, already high up my legs from being bundled onto the chair, rode even higher.

The burglars moved briskly back and forth, initially ignoring my protests as they carried their spoils to the rear door; the door they'd used to break in and where a pick-up truck was parked, although I didn't know that until later.

It seemed as if they'd nearly finished when one of them, younger than the others I guessed, came to a stop in front of me. He was staring at my legs where stocking tops were visible. Looking round to check the others weren't about he swiftly pushed my skirt up high enough to expose my panties, at which I protested loudly. My shouts brought one of the others onto the scene but he merely laughed. In fact not content to just laugh the newcomer pushed his hand roughly between my thighs, laughing again when I yelled even louder.

"Hey, come on you two, we need a hand with the gear."

With obvious reluctance the two guys went off to help their mates. Soon though a different guy appeared and telling me they'd found my safe hidden behind the painting, demanded the combination.

"I don't know anything about a safe, this is not my house. I'm simply keeping an eye on it."

Without warning the burglar slapped me across the face and said, "Don't give me that. What's the combination?"

I was still trying to explain that I didn't know the number when the rest of them arrived on the scene.

"Right, all loaded ready to go. Just need the safe opening."

"The bitch won't tell me the combination," the first said, picking my shoulder bag up and emptying the contents onto the hall floor.

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