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Don't knock it 'till you try it! (ff:first time, 6728 words)

Author: Knob-Out Picture in profile
Added: Jul 25 2018Views / Reads: 591 / 477 [81%]Story vote: 9.62 (8 votes)
Sex is a big thing for Joy but no satisfaction at the end of it is frustrating to say the least, something had to change!

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I stood there at the end of the bed looking at the guy who I'd just fucked. He slept. His job was done. Trouble was my lady bits were wanting more. Yes they had taken a pounding, yes I had climaxed, several times in fact but satisfied, no, not yet. I wanted more much more, more than he could give me.

Who was he anyway, what the hell was his name, did I ever hear it spoken? He's reasonably attractive, his physique is pretty good and he plied me with free drinks but then I was only thinking about the size of his cock at the time. Not that it had to be ten inches long and as thick as your wrist. I've had great sex in the past with a guy who has been half that size, to me it is literally how it's used and not the girth that matters.

This guy was okay, his tools were adequate for the job, although like most guys they think what hangs between their legs is just what women wants. But there his is, naked as a Jaybird, his cock shrunken and wrinkled to its original marginal size with a shiny head exposed to any passing fly that feels the need to land and lap up some old semen mixed with pussy juice.

I strolled off and took a long shower. The hot water teemed over my naked skin, falling from my breasts then funnelling across my abdomen on to my pussy, my so sensitive pussy. I eased my hips forwards until the shower hit my mons. I pulled my labia apart exposing my clit to a rain of hot water, oh that's nice. Two fingers rubbed it gently, slipping it between my knuckles gasping as my grip got tighter. I slipped a finger inside and found more of my juices unused from before making their way out. I gathered some up and rubbed it on my clit, harder, faster, more pressure, harder still until the inevitable happened. My knees buckled, my thighs locked my hand in place and my head spun until my blood pressure dropped enough for me to take another breath.

I left the bathroom feeling refreshed until I realised I had to wear last nights clothes, no underwear though, didn't need it last night so not this morning either. I slipped my dress over my shoulders, smoothed it down, slid my feet into my stilettos, grabbed my clutch bag and left wonder boy still sparko.

Once back in my apartment I ate a small bowl of cereal and pondered last nights antics. My "friend", who I'm going to kill when I see her next, abandoned me amidst a brawl of over sexed over enthusiastic guys who felt fit to hit on any female they thought might take them on. How I got bedded last night I'm not so sure. The drink didn't help that's for sure but I can't totally blame that. I was an idiot really. I was feeling down after a crap day at work, had a row with the boss, spilt wine on the dress I was going to go out in that night and then Gina, i.e. friend, took off for sex!

I needed her with me, I needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to my moaning and groaning but she left me there on my own to drown in my sorrows. I heard the front door open and in wandered Gina, hair and clothes a right mess and carrying her shoes.

"Hiya!" She spouted as she tripped over and landed face down on the floor.

"Hiya, what do you mean hiya. You left me alone last night to fend by myself, you knew I had had a shitty day but you still left me there."

Gina struggled to her feet and swished her bedraggled hair from her eyes.

"I know babe sorry don't be mad at me it was the drink that's all, well that and a little lifter I took before leaving here."

"You stink of booze and.... and.... smoke and what's that down your front, oh my God that's.... that's cum that's fucking cum you slut!"

Gina looked down and tried to wipe the stains off her scarlet coloured blouse. "Is it, oh yeah I remember now, one of the guys got a bit fruity too early, didn't last and cum all down the front of me. It was so funny!" She chuckled and slumped down in a chair.

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eddtheduck writes Tue 31 Jul 2018 15:29:

That was a great story...


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