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Trip to the spa (fm:exhibitionism, 5428 words)

Author: Hogi
Added: Jul 25 2018Views / Reads: 1946 / 1363 [70%]Story vote: 9.18 (11 votes)
Couple on their way to a spa weekend finds out that the sexual tension between them is making them act out on what used to be fantasies.

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Me and my wife had a tough year behind us where most of our time has been spent taking care of our youngest kid. Long stays at the hospital, making sure the other two kids were alright and then remaining hours at work. In order to stay sane and let of steam, we both had to make sure to fit in some kind of exercising every week. But all in all the hours left has not been enough to reflect on how we are feeling and what our bodies are telling us and there has certainly not been enough time, or energy, to maintain our relationship.

You would not believe it when you see her, but my wife is 35 years old and have given birth to three kids. To top it off she has this nightmare of a year behind her and is still she's such a looker. Maybe it's just me being ridiculously in love with her, but she still turns me on like no one else! Well it's not just me, my friends keep telling me what a lucky guy I am and it's quite often I see men (and women) turning their heads when we are out walking. Well I would too. She is quite tall for a woman, 175 cm, and starts blaming ice-cream and candy whenever the scales shows more than 60 kilos. She's got a beautiful set of soft, big tits that many of my friends have got caught staring at when talking to her. But yes, with three kids we'll just have to thank the doctor who restored that cleavage to it former beauty.

But no matter the rest of her body, it's still her behind that makes me a blabbering fool. No matter if I just get the chance to see it, touch or do anything at all to it, I totally lose my marbles. And there is no one other than my wife to thank for this lovely, well-toned, apple shaped piece of magic. My favorite thing to do in the whole world is getting a bottle of massage oil, smear it over her lower back, butt and thighs and then just fondle or massaging this whole area. I usually get started on her lower back, getting rid of any tensions there by pretty firmly pushing from her hips toward her spine. The running and standing up all day is making this the most tensed part of her whole body and she gets so relaxed from this simple treatment that it even make a novice like me look like a professional masseuse. Skipping this first step would also make the rest a lot tougher. You see with all the exercise she's doing, her butt muscles are usually tight enough to use as a nutcracker. But once she is this relaxed I get the pleasure to massage a still firm, but incredibly soft piece of ass. Starting with the fingers on the sides of her thighs and my thumbs on the backside of the thighs, moving slowly and softly up towards her bum and then once there taking a firm grip of the buttocks and pressing the thumbs up toward her back. Over and over and over again... Then, due to some strange reason my thumbs keep moving further and further towards the very center, closer and closer to her pussy lips and butt crack. I keep enjoying it here for quite a while, but then, as if to say "Ok, now my muscles are taken care of, please get started on the vital parts!" she spreads her legs and I continue even further inwards. The first touches of her pussy lips usually makes her twitch, but also to lift her butt a little. Just a couple of strokes later the top of thumbs also get the first touch of her anus. That's when I slide my hands a couple of centimetres to the sides, take a firm grip of her as and really push them apart to get a nice long view of her little puckered hole.

She knows I like watching her and usually push her butt higher and wiggles a bit. Again it feels like a way of communicating and letting me know that she want what's coming next. So the next step is to let go of her ass and grab a bottle of silicone based lubricant. Warming up a handful of it before smearing it on her pussy, into her butt crack and between her pussy lips, and finally on and around her clit. Putting it on her clit usually ends up like a chase, me putting my fingers next to her clir and her chasing my fingers with her clit. Once she get ahold of my fingers I make sure to give her a reward by rubbing and rolling her clit properly until the small pleasure button starts swelling and she starts moaning.Then I start over where I left off, with my hands on her ass and my thumbs really close to her anus. Stroking her with one hand at the time, every time touching her anus a bit more until both of my thumbs are sliding in the middle of her butt crack. Slower and slower, focusing more and more on the anus and starting to press downwards, making her open up little by little to my thumbs. Once she relax enough I push one thumb into her canal, slowly all the way in until it the rest of the hand makes it impossible to go further. As I then push my thumb slowly in and out of her slick canal I bring my other hand to her pussy and further to her clit. The clit has now swollen to its full size and I can easily roll it between my fingers.

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