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Emma's Day At The Library (ff:seduction, 2452 words)

Author: reading rainbow
Added: Jul 26 2018Views / Reads: 622 / 433 [70%]Story vote: 9.00 (8 votes)
Emma gets seduced at the library then comes home to her horny boyfriend

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CHAPTER 1 LIBRARY It was going to be a long night. Professor ass-hat's assignment for tomorrow is an 18 page paper on the journey through the digestive system. Yay me. I always wonder how they come up with how long the paper is supposed to be. But judging by the professor's pervy looks, 18 just might be his favorite age in women. I often think about testing that theory by utilizing his open door policy and seeing if he'd take advantage of my "open door policy". But I was determined to use my brain rather than my ass. After class, I headed to the library. It's a nice quiet place. No distractions from home, I'm obligated to put my phone on silent so I'm not constantly responding to my boyfriend's texts. As I walked in, I was greeting by the librarian. "hey Emma!" she said with a smile. "hey Sandy" I replied. She was a middle aged woman. She was very fit and very attractive. I never understood why she was single. I stood there for a moment. Looking for the right table to sit and do my work. I could feel Sandy's eyes eyeballing me so I picked the table farthest away from her desk. I don't know why. I guess I've always been that way. I took out my laptop, flopped it on the table and opened it up. To my surprise, literotica was open to the story I was reading last night about an older woman seducing a younger teenager. My face flushed red, I quickly closed the page and looked frantically to see if anyone had noticed. My eyes caught Sandy's. she let out a giggle and looked away. Does she know? Could she read it on my face? Was I that obvious? I started thinking about the story I read last night. And how much I wanted to be that girl being seduced. I started to feel warm in other places, my heart beat racing at the thought. I glanced over at Sandy again, her eyes locked on the computer screen. Her dark blonde hair pulled into a bun, her neck seemed so inviting. Her shirt buttoned just enough to expose a little bit of chest, opening up my imagination. What bra was she wearing? What color are her nipples? How would they feel on my lips? Her hand covered her chest, we locked eyes, her jaw dropped. shocked. My heart seemed to stop. She caught me! Ugh. Me and my damn imagination. I'm not even a lesbian. Just...a little curious. I got back to my paper. Acting like nothing had happened. A few hours passed, the entire time I could feel Sandy looking at me. I didn't glance at all. Hoping she'd forget me, and I could just walk out of here without an awkward exchange. I looked around the library, it seemed empty. It was almost closing time. I looked over at Sandy. She kept looking at the clock. Eager to go home I guess. She stood up and I quickly sent my gaze back to my computer. From the corner of my eye, I saw that she walked to the door and closed it, maybe locked it? I don't know. Then she started walking towards me. "what are you working on, Emma?" My cheeks flushed "oh...just a paper for class...you know...haha...um...I'm almost done" I managed to let out. "can I help? That's what I'm here for, you know." She said with a smile. It was warm and inviting. My eyes met hers, I couldn't look away. "yeah, sure. Um, it's on the digestive system." I smiled back. I noticed she looked at my mouth and gave me another inviting smile. "haha that's easy." She closed my laptop. "see, it starts here" her finger landed on my lips. "then it goes down here" she lightly traced her finger from my lips to the base of my neck. Sending tingles down my body. "and down and down it travels" again her fingers began to trace down my body. Stopping just above the button of my jeans. She went around and gave my ass a light tap. I let out a little moan, she caught that. She seemed to enjoy it because she bit her lip and I could really feel her eyes checking out all of me this time. "I think I have some material for you back here" she led me to the back of the library. I've never been back here before. We stopped, and she looked into my eyes. "where are the-" My lips were met with hers. Soft, sweet, warm. "mmm" my breathing was heavy. Her hands cupped my face, holding me there. If she let go, I would definitely fall. She pinned me against the book shelf, her hands cupping my breasts. Squeezing them, then along my hips, onto my ass, grabbing me there, pulling me closer. Her hands found their way under my shirt. They felt so nice against my skin. Her lips never left mine, all the while I could feel myself lost in total submission. I don't know if I was tired from typing my paper of if this is who I always was but I didn't see myself stopping this. She raised my arms up, and began working my shirt off. When it got above my head and onto my wrists she somehow tied my shirt there. Working as handcuffs. Her lips found my neck, kissing, licking, sucking. I couldn't help but let out a heavy moan. "mmm you like that don't you?" she whispered in my ear "y-yes I do" I let out. Breathing heavy. Legs trembling. Her lips latched onto my neck again, squeezing out another moan from me. One hand undoing my jeans, the other playing with my breasts. It was obvious this wasn't her first time doing this. But fuck was I glad I was here with her now.

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