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Unexpected pleasure (fm:adultery, 4040 words)

Author: Carole Picture in profile
Added: Jul 26 2018Views / Reads: 2924 / 2368 [81%]Story vote: 9.44 (32 votes)
Diane goes on holiday before the family joins her and finds unexpected romance with a dark handsome stranger.

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I got out of the car, sighed and stretched: arms held right aloft. That felt good. Today had been the last day of term. A lot of rushing around, talking to Mums picking up their children, thanking all the teachers and assistants, telling the office to finish off and go home, and finally wishing a happy holiday to the caretaker. I am the Head Teacher of a primary school, and I was bushed. As usual I had already packed my bags, and I set off straight for a holiday cottage in Cornwall; as our kids were young we went to the same place each year. I always headed off as soon as I finished work, and hubby and the kids joined me a few days later. It gave me some time to relax and clear up the paperwork from the end of term. My mum was also coming down to help look after the kids for a few days and give hubby and me a bit of a break.

I'd eaten on the way down, so I quickly took out my case, left the books in the car for the next day and settled down to a quiet glass of wine before an early night and a delicious 8 hours sleep.

I awoke refreshed and decided to tackle some paperwork in the morning and then relax in the afternoon with a walk along the cliffs and back along the beach. As low tide was mid-afternoon, this enabled me to walk all the way back along the beach. I set to and cleared a decent amount in the morning. After a light lunch, I dressed in shorts, walking shoes, T shirt and a light coat and set off for my walk. At the end of the cliff walk there is a small café and I grabbed table and settled down to coffee and cake - I'd earned it.

"May I join you as all the other tables are taken?" jolted me out of my reverie. I squinted into the sun and muttered a brief "yes, of course" and moved down the bench to let him sit down. I looked at him as he sat down, "mmm not bad", I thought. My new partner was tall, wiry, dark hair, and good looking.

"Are you walking back along the beach ... I saw you walk ahead of me along the cliff top and assumed you'd timed it for low tide?" "Yes, that's right. And you too?" "Yes that's the plan. I had a good cycle this morning and decided on a light walk this afternoon." We chatted easily about the walk, the sea, the blue sky: it was a perfect summer day.

"Come on, let's go or we might miss the tide." We left our eaten cake plates and empty coffee cups and walked down to the beach and the water's edge. John removed his shoes to walk through the incoming tide along the beach. "That's a good idea," I thought and followed suit. We sauntered along the beach, walking ankle deep through the seawater and chatted. The town was a smudge in the distant summer haze. I hadn't enjoyed a quiet stroll with a gorgeous man for a quite a long time, and I had some interesting horny thoughts as we walked back to the town, but knew nothing would happen.

"Right, I'm cooking tonight, and you can bring the wine," said John as we turned into my road. "My house is just around the corner, number 10, see you in an hour ... and bring red!" His confidence was very attractive. I hurried into our cottage and rushed into the shower. I was shaking as I showered! "Don't be silly," I lectured myself, "he's only being friendly." Still a few dabs of perfume, a lacy bra and knickers, new blouse and shortish skirt don't hurt. I sent a quick text to hubby, saying been working hard and now going to have a quick meal and then an early night, and then set off.

Just over an hour after we'd parted, I knocked on the door. "Push - it's open. I'm in the kitchen," John shouted from inside. "Fresh pasta - will that do?" "Wow, yes, that's lovely," I stammered, handing over the wine. John turned from his cooking, and looked me up and down, "Wow, well, you look gorgeous enough to eat. Mmmm, maybe later." John poured us both a glass of red wine, and I sat down and watched him cooking as we chatted.

We ate the pasta, washed down with red wine, followed by Tiramisu and Italian coffee. We cleared the dishes to the kitchen and I washed, and he dried. I was just washing the last dish when he dried his hands, leant in close, brushed my shoulder length wavy brown hair to one side and kissed my neck. Well my neck is always super-sensitive, and a bolt of electricity went straight to my pussy, which I have to say was feeling a little hot already. I groaned and time stood still as he

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stuart writes Wed 1 Aug 2018 09:17:

Delicious..... part 2 soon I hope


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