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This Morning I Let Her Ride My Face (ff:one-on-one, 232 words)

Author: Caliginous
Added: Jul 27 2018Views / Reads: 483 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 9.40 (5 votes)
So short. So sweet. Just me and a friend this morning.

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I let her ride my face this morning.

I'm normally so in control. Especially with another woman. But this time I let her have what she wanted. What she needed.

In a high rise hotel. The curtains drawn open to the distant pre-dawn lights of the Vegas strip.

Both of us completely naked. Her long, black hair falling over her slender brown shoulders. Her large breasts swaying as she rocked back and forth. One hand on her clit. The other next to my hip for support. Her pussy lips spread wide open for my tongue to taste her.

There was hurry. No urgency. She moved her hips. Slow and steady. My tongue flicked back and forth. I gripped her thighs. Her moans started soft and subtle but grew in pitch.

It wasn't our first liaison. Not by a long shot. These little trysts have happened for years. Every time business puts us in the same city.

But this was different. So sensual. So relaxed. Just about her. Despite my need to be touched.

Gradually she increased the intensity. He moaned my name in her soft, Indian accent. Her juices ran onto my face. She gasped. And moaned. And cried out just a little bit.

And then she relaxed. Slid next to me between the sheets. Tangled our naked bodies together. Kissed me. Put her hand between my thighs.

"Your turn," she whispered.

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