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The Care Giving Touch (fm:threesomes, 6029 words)

Author: Littletommyd Picture in profile
Added: Jul 27 2018Views / Reads: 1972 / 1456 [74%]Story vote: 9.43 (23 votes)
Three management employees of a medical complex are brought together by an auto accident.

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The Care Giving Touch

Delane Mecial Community (DMC) is the center of, and primary care facility, of the group campus known as ‘The Community.' In addition to the primary care domain, others in the group are the Children's Hospital, The Natal Home, Delane Rehab Home among others. DMC occupies some 30 acres on the western border of the City of Delane. My name is Patrice Henley, better known as ‘Patsy.' I have been an employee of the DMC for the last six years. I am the Department Director of the Registry diviision that includes registration, hardware acquisition and maintenance, janitorial services, landscaping and lawncare, and a few other necessary programs that keep the DMC humming.

I work closely with Mark Lincoln, the Assistant Hospital Administrator, and with Julia (Jules) Whitman, Head of the Financial Division that includes billing and collection, Human Resources, accounting, and management of DMC properties among other financial related duties. The DMC is fortunate because the three of us, Mark, Jules and I, are totally compatible, friendly, good natured and as such, the Administrator, the Board, and the Physicians Council all work to keep us cohesive and happy. It has been a boon to them for the last five years as together we have worked diligently to promote growth and profitability of the DMC. We have suceeded beyond our established goal, therefore we are all happy to be together as we move forward.

Friday evening before last, Jules and Mark, who ride-share, were on the way home when a drunken driver in a huge, big tired pickup crossed the Avenue median, hit them head-on as they waited to turn left. The drunk was killed instantly—no seat belt but a hard steering wheel that fractured his skull. Mark and Jules were transported to DMC by well-trained EMS personnal who knew them well and did everything to preserve their lives. It worked.

However, both have been comatose since their initial treatment which was extensive—internal injuries, broken bones, head trauma to name the more serious injuries. I have visited them after work on a daily schedule since the accident. I talk to them—no recognition yet—I read to them, I sing and play guitar, I hold their hands—anything to make contact in an effort to aid in their recovery. I have been assured that my daily contract is highly beneficial and will ultimately help them make the breakthrough back to normal.

I attended several lectures about comatose patients and was enlightened about their needs and what to do to speed the recovery process. I was intrigued when I learned that psychic energy is derived from primitave biological urges such sexual pleasure. That's what your libado refers to in case you wondered. That created a ‘'hmmm" moment for me. Being confined to DMC and comatose has done nothing for their sexual pleasures so I wondered how I could possibly work on that for them. I knew that they had been visited by boyfirends and girlfriends but being in a coma didn't deliver any pleasures to either Mark or Jules.

At home, I sat at the table drinking red wine and pondered about what I could do to give their libado a jolting boost. After the wine took hold of my thought process I knew I had come up with the exact solution. The next afternoon I went to an electonics outlet and bought a stand for my iPad Pro. Then I crossed the street and bought a travel pillow that would fit on their middle abdomen. Being a well recognized employee of DMC, the nursing staff generally pays me no mind when I am with Mark and Jules so I could act with little to no scrutiny frrom the medical staff. Perfect. The next day was Wednesday, normally a slow visiting day. I left my office, went to the cafeteria and had an excellent Steak Diane with a loaded baked potato and two cups of black deep roast coffee. Feeling that I was now steeled with enough bravery, I went to Marks' room first. Empty except for Mark. He lay in a slightly elevated bed, light sheet covering him up to just beyond the rib cage. I pulled a stool, not a low chair, close to the left side of the bed, away from the hallway window, opened the dresser drawer and took out a hand towel and lay it on the bed behind the stool. I retrieved my iPad, the stand and the pillow. I lay the pillow lengthwise on his abdomen, sat the iPad stand and the iPad in the center of the pillow. I activated the iPad, selected an explicitly sexy short story on the screen and I sat on the stool. A nurse walked by, a cursoury wave of her hand with no obvious question of what I was doing. I ran my right hand under the sheet, under his gown, into the diaper and under his flaccid dick. I

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