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Never in wildest dreams pt 3 (fm:group, 3088 words) [3/3] show all parts

Author: Mars
Added: Jul 29 2018Views / Reads: 2128 / 1642 [77%]Part vote: 9.76 (21 votes)
Things continue to heat up on this vacation among friends.

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After the entertainment about the pool, I couldn't help but wonder what might happen that night after the kids went to bed. Obviously all the adults in the house were down for pretty much everything and since it escalated from last night to today, I knew something would happen later, it was just a matter of figuring out what.

The afternoon was spent partly by the pool with all the kids and partly with an excursion to the stores and playground. One of the agree upon strategies by all the families was to tire the kids out as much as possible during the day so that we could relax at night. It was a lot of fun, dinner was great and while the kids all watched a movie before bed, the adults sat around the dining room table finishing our beverages from dinner. Everyone was in a great mood, and when Dan suggested we play poker after dinner, we all agreed and went to round up our children for bedtime. By the time we'd done the routine and closed the door, about 45 minutes had passed. My wife and I went into our bedroom to finally have some alone time. I pulled her close and kissed her. "I'm sure tonight is going to turn into something again." I said. She nodded. "Are you okay with all this? What's allowed and not allowed?" I asked.

"I'm okay with anything. How about you?" she asked me back.

"Me too, its all fun and games." I replied. It was nice being on the same page with her. I changed our of my swim shorts that I'd been in all day and into golfing shorts and a clean t shirt. She encouraged me to go ahead downstairs and get setup. She needed to use the bathroom and freshen up but she'd meet me downstairs. I went ahead and got the poker set out and put it on the table. Then made myself a drink and poured my wife a glass of white wine. Dan came out next and sat on the other side of the table. "All good?" I asked him. He nodded as he took a sip of his beer.

"Hey boys." Stacie said as she was next to enter the dining room. She was dressed surprisingly modest considering the morning and by the pool. She was in a form fitting Tshirt and perfectly sized jean shorts. She looked cheerful and happy as she went to the fridge to get herself a glass of wine and a beer for Mike who sat down moments later. Mike was shuffling the cards and Dan was dividing up the poker chips and a few minutes later, my wife Laura and Shelly came into the room together. My wife and changed into a white 'wife-beater' type tank top over a black bra and a pair of pajama pants that hung off her hips. You could see her flat toned stomach between them, but I was surprised at how modest it was. Lastly, Shelly who was wearing a workout top which shaped her huge breasts for some nice cleavage and a pair of yoga pants. I was surprised, but only because of the show we'd gotten earlier. All the women looked far better than us men who were all wearing shorts and t shirts.

We all got into our drinks and for an hour or so played poker. It was fun, lots of banter and teasing one another, but no mention of any extra curricular activities which I'm sure everyone was thinking about. Finally Stacie was starting to run low on chips and lost a big pot to her husband Mike. She joking slammed her hands on the table and stood up, "What the fuck am I going to do now." She said as she went to the fridge to top up her glass. A minute later she came back to the table. "Deal me in." She demanded.

"Uhhh honey, I smoked you. You're out." said Mike.

"That's right!" Laura said. "You'll have to buy back in." Stacie paused for a moment, stood up and then lifted her shirt over her head and dropped it on the table.

"There!" she said and sat back down. Laura applauded the move while I was silenced. Under that modest Tshirt was one of the sexiest body suits I've ever seen. It was almost see through, it was cut way up on her hips and she looked incredible in it. "Deal me in." She demanded. We gave her a new stack of chips and the game continued. About five hands later, it was Shelly who was all in and lost.

"I want to keep playing." She whined.

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