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Filmed (fm:bondage, 685 words)

Author: kinkykes Picture in profile
Added: Jul 29 2018Views / Reads: 1481 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 8.33 (15 votes)
A short story of a woman bound and used whilst her lover streams it live.

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He was hard, she was wet. The other men watching on their devices were fixated by the act they were watching. Some had shared ideas of what they wanted to see, others just wanted a private view, something more intimate.

She was lying spread eagled on the bed, hands tied to the bed posts, legs spread tantalising wide and held at the bottom posts with cable ties. She had put up a struggle, pretend or real it was hard to tell, when first dragged on to the bed. She was naked already and clearly into the guy. Pulling him on top of her. When he had roughly caught her arms and secured them in place she had only seemed to get more excited. Less sure when her ankles were bound.

The camera had been running all the while, had she seen it?

First she enjoyed his fingers sliding in and out of her cunt. It was shaved and pink. The juices clearly visible on his fingers when he showed them to the virtual audience. She has been keen for his cock however. Something bigger to fill her and give her satisfaction. He had not obliged however, preferring to taunt her with bites on her tits. Picking up a marker pen and writing crude messages on her stomach and then spanking her pussy. This sent shock waves through her body, a mix of pain and pleasure registered on her face. Was this when she clocked the camera, and saw him reading off his phone screen? Copying the word “cock sucking slut” from his screen and across her tits with the marker pen. Her focus was drawn however to his cock as he forced is deep into her throat taking away any further thoughts she might have been having. She had gagged and spluttered, but he had continued until he really was rock hard.

Now he checked his phone again, and had been busy massaging her tits whilst he sat astride her. He smiled as he looked down at her, and said ‘I think we need a rear view’. He untied her and turned her onto her front, retying her expertly. She was still begging for her release.

His first act in this new position was to spank her arse. Slaps rang out and she squealed, there were nice pink hand prints on her cheeks for all to see. He slid his fingers insie her again which elicited groans of desire from her. He added the rest of his fingers and used his thumb to stimulate her clit, and then he withdrew abruptly and replaced his hand with a large rubber cock, he rammed this in and out of her whilst slapping her arse. She was trembling and pushing herself against the dildo. He took to the edge of her release and again withdrew the cock. This time he replaced it with a beer bottle. He slid it in and out turning it as he made his stroke. He then withdrew the bottle and inserted in it her arse. She gasped with shock before screaming. He wasn’t gentle he inserte his finges back in her pussy, really enjoying being in both her openings. She calmed a little once his tumb strummed her clit. Again he brought her to the brink, and then withdrew.

Her hair was tumbled over her sweating face, and she was clearly anxious, but for what, her release or the performance to end? He took her then - hard and fast, thrusting deep into her cunt and the way she shivered and pushed back on him, the best she could with limited use of her legs and arms indicated what she wanted. He gave it to her and as her pleasure swept over her in waves, she screamed a raw guttural sound of joy. He came hard into her, enjoying his own pleasure. When he rolled away he used his fingers to scoop some of his cum out of her and then gentle fed it to her making sure she licked his fingers clean. This was the final act. He switched off the camera.

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Lacadie writes Sun 29 Jul 2018 15:22:

OHHHH I love this.


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