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Becoming a woman (fm:transgendered, 4329 words)

Author: Robin O.
Added: Jul 31 2018Views / Reads: 520 / 273 [53%]Story vote: 8.20 (5 votes)
After so much time and effort, I'm finally comfortable in my new identity as a woman. I invite a gathering of people I met at a CD-friendly club to my apartment.

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By Robin O.

For the first time in my 23 years, I have my own apartment -- on my own terms.

After so much denial, so much embarrassing high school locker room derision for my small penis, so many tearful arguments with my parents, four years of hormones and therapy, this boy is dressing fulltime as the woman I always knew I was.

At 5-foot-6 and 123 lithe pounds with a firm, perky "B" cup, I like to think I'm passable no matter what i'm wearing, but I don't stress about it.

OK, so maybe I stress just a little.

I had a tracheal shave to trim my Adam's apple. I've attended two weeklong male-to-female instructional retreats that taught me all about makeup, clothing and female mannerisms, and I have a workout and diet regimen that has resulted in a very trim, tightly curvy, yet soft body. I'm not terribly strong, but when I lean back, I can see my rib cage above my tiny waist.

Two years ago, I filed a petition in civil court, published my name change in the legals section of the local newspaper, attended a short hearing, got a new Social Security card and driver's license, and Larry became Lori.

Lori's a good girl, at least so far. I've never spent the night with anyone, but I have so much love to give. It's only a matter of time -- I hope -- before a handsome young man will accept who I am and want me to be his girlfriend. I've got a full-time job at Nieman Marcus, where my employee discount has given me a nice wardrobe, and what I can't afford, I buy, wear one time, then return it to the store.

I'm dressing fulltime, in public and in private, and life is pretty good.

Lately, I've been going dressed up to a CD-friendly club where I've met a cool group of straight men, gay men, crossdressers, lesbians and young straight females who are pretty much drunk whenever I run into them.

A couple of the young guys are really good-looking, and I guess I let that enter into my thinking when I invited the whole group -- there were seven -- to my apartment when things got a little dull at the club.

I was a little buzzed. Cindi -- a redheaded CD who had just gotten out of alcohol rehab -- hadn't had anything to drink. She and another girl had cars and drove all of us, except for Bill, one of the good-looking guys, who said he'd take an Uber and be along later. I had a few bottles of wine in my apartment, and I used my cell phone to order some pizzas for delivery while on the way..

I had my eye on Ben, the good-looking guy who had arrived with Cindi. He's tall, masculine and muscular with a really nice smile. I was ready to fall in love. I put on some loud music for everyone then nipped into my bedroom and put on one of the "overnight-return" dresses I "bought" at Neiman Marcus. It cost a cool $1,400, and I made a mental note about keeping it pristine so I could return it.

It's an incredibly cute Dolce & Gabbana poplin dress with rose & peony floral-print. It has a ruffled, off-the-shoulders neckline, short pouf sleeves and a tight, elastic smocked waist over a tiered skirt that came down just a few inches above my knees.

I put on long, silver, jingly earrings and adjusted the top of the dress just off the tips of my slender (and I think very sexy) shoulders. Putting my hands on my tight little waist, I swayed prettily I looked at my bedroom's full-length mirror.

"Ben won't have a chance," I whispered to myself with a shy smile before opening the door and rejoining the raucous party in my living room.

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Taocentered (guest) writes Tue 31 Jul 2018 22:03:

I want more, I need more....


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