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D.C. Part 2 (fm:threesomes, 900 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: artsoccerdude
Added: Aug 01 2018Views / Reads: 997 / 1 [0%]Part vote: 9.45 (11 votes)
The continuing story of me in D.C.

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The door unlocked. My heart skipped a few beats. There I was standing completely naked, cock in hand, while Ashley knelt before me with cum all over her face. She didn't look as nervous I did.

"Ash, are you two done?" Shannon asked.

"For now," she said with a smile. In walked Shannon grinning from ear to ear.

"Looks like you two had fun.Sad I missed it."

"Who said the fun was over," Ashley said with a wicked grin.

What?! I was in shock. Shannon was incredibly attractive. Tall, thin, busty, blonde. While she didn't give off a prude vibe she didn't give off a free spirited fuck whoever vibe either.

"Don't look so shocked," she said as she walked over to Ashley. She bent over and passionately kissed her on the lips. Despite the fact I had started to soften up a bit when the door opened, blood was returning to my favorite body part.

Shannon guided Ashley up and onto the bed where the two of them continued kissing each other. Shannon's fingers started circling Ashley's clit. Ashley began to buck her hips. While Shannon rubbed Ashley's button, Ashley worked her hand into Shannon's tight jeans. As soon as she had enough room, Ashley thrust her fingers into Shannon's sopping slit.

"Mmm," Shannon moaned. I wasn't sure what to do. I had been in threesomes before but it was always clear I was supposed to join. At that moment, I wasn't sure if I was just to enjoy the view or participate.

Shannon got on her knees and pulled her shirt off revealing her tits in all their glory. She turned around, "When you're ready, feel free to join in". With that, she slide off the bed and positioned herself in between Ashley's legs. She took a moment to study Ashley's pussy before diving in. She had her mouth clamped on Ashley's clit while her fingers were going in and out.

Not needing much more of an invitation, I walked up behind Shannon and slid her pants down. She instinctively kicked them off. I lined my cock up with her cunt and pushed my head in. She let out a muffled moan. I grabbed her hips and slowly began to fuck her.

"Yes. Yes. YES!" Ashley screamed as her orgasm overtook her. I could see her legs shake as her body convulsed in pleasure. Shannon let out a giggle.

I started to pick up the pace but she put her hand on my chest to stop me. She got up and grabbed my hand. No sooner had she pulled me up than she had pushed me down onto the bed next to Ashley where she lay recovering from her orgasm. She straddled me facing away. As soon as she had lined my cock up with her cunt she lowered herself and began to ride. It was an incredibly view. Shannon was bent over riding my cock and all I could see was her perfectly round ass bouncing up and down. I could tell she was rubbing her clit furiously. Then all of a sudden, I felt her pussy contract. She arched her back and yelled out in bliss as wave after wave came over her.

She sat on my cock for a moment. I started to get up but in the process pushed further into her.

"Ahh. I'm not done yet but my kitty needs a break. How do you feel about anal?" So much for the impression I had of her. She ate out Ashley and was willing to take it up the butt.

"I'm game," I replied.

"Good. Let me get some lube and we'll get started," she said as she made her way to her back. After pulling out a vibrator and a large pink dildo she found the lube. She put a few drops on her back door before rubbing some all over my cock. She again straddled me in reverse cowgirl and put my head at her sphincter. She pushed out and lowered herself over the head of my cock. She got used to it before lowering herself halfway down my cock. She slowly began to ride me. Even though I was only part way in, her ass felt amazing. It was so tight even though I was sensing she had done this a time or two before. She was much tighter than Brittany's ass was.

Once she had worked her way down to the base, she really began to ride me. After a few minutes, I wanted to be in control of our tempo. She had ridden me to an orgasm now I wanted to ride her to one. I grabbed her hips and somehow managed to flip her over onto her knees without hitting Ashley who was enjoying our performance. I lined my cock up with her hole and pushed in.

"YES!" she cried. I held her hips and began to fuck her as hard as I could. Ashley maneuvered behind us and began to play with my balls. Her lips sucking and her tongue lips my balls and shaft were too much. I groaned as I shot my second load of the day into Shannon's ass. As I spasmed in her ass, I could Shannon tighten as her second orgasm rolled over her.

"Sorry I didn't pull out," I said.

"No worries. I like creampies," she said with a smile

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