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Uncontrolled Experiment: The Showing (fm:group, 10003 words)

Author: Ethereal
Added: Aug 01 2018Views / Reads: 3803 / 3192 [84%]Story vote: 9.70 (27 votes)
David and his wife, Beth, are looking for a house. When they show up at a showing and the real estate agent has some special conditions, things get very interesting for everyone...

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A new type of virus was discovered and examined. It held the secrets to health and cures to every disease tested. But it also unleashes the sexual instincts of those it infects, shattering all inhibitions. After a lab accident, the virus is loose in the populace.

And it's spreading.


Every family needs a house. Beth and I were expecting and knew we needed to move out of our apartment. It helped that her grandfather had recently passed and left her with some money that we could put on a down payment. At almost seven months she was about ready to quit work, and we were hoping to make the move before the baby came along.

Our real estate broker, Ian, had set up several houses for us to visit that morning and into the afternoon. We were on our way to visit the last house. It was a bit more expensive than we originally planned but it was still doable in terms of price. Beth was looking at pictures of the house on her phone as we drove.

"You'll like the kitchen," she said.

"Built-in bar?" I asked. I regularly held get-togethers of my college friends to watch games and have some drinks on weekends.

"Close enough." She patted her full belly. "Not that we would take advantage of that anytime soon."

"I should hope not," I said. A few of our friends said a glass of wine now and then would be fine for the baby, maybe good, even. We didn't buy it, and Beth didn't have a drop of liquor even right before she got pregnant. We believed in our family and our future, and nothing was going to endanger that.

We pulled over near the house. It was a nice, two-story, built about twenty years earlier. A simple, modern place. The exterior pictures didn't do it justice- it looked great, and our interest was piqued already.

Our real estate agent, Ian, walked over to us. He was tall, slim, and had thinning hair that he hid by buzzing it close. "How was the drive?"

"Well enough," I said. "Neighborhood seems nice."

"It's one of those subdivisions that has really hit its stride," he said. "Not a lot of homes for sale in this area. People move in and they stay here."

"Well that's good to hear," Beth said. "Let's see what it's like!"

We walked together to the front door. Everything still looked in very good condition. A few of the homes were older, and even some of the newer homes showed some wear. But this place looked very well-cared for.

Ian rang the bell and the door opened. A woman poked her head through the opening, keeping the door mostly closed. "Hello!" she said with a big smile filled with perfect teeth. She looked to be around forty, but a very well-cared for forty.

"Hi Trish," Ian said. "We're here for the 1:30."

"Oh, sure!" she said, still beaming. "But, ah... My clients had one little request."

"What's that?" Ian asked.

"Well, they... They are naturalists, and they believe in the "spirit" of their home so they... um..."

"They what, Trish?" Ian was getting impatient.

"They want everyone at the showing to be... au naturale!"

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