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Four Play Part 3 (fm:group, 7009 words) [3/3] show all parts

Author: Medellin Picture in profile
Added: Aug 07 2018Views / Reads: 1316 / 1096 [83%]Part vote: 9.88 (16 votes)
Two couples who have been friends for years have both made unknown swops, but in the third part the four all come to the same understanding that Four Play can be more fun.

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The story so far so you don't get confused like I do sometimes.....

Samantha (Sam) is a cute dark haired and slim woman married to Paul. Mandy is a slim blond with a substantial cleavage married to Steve. Sam and Mandy are best mates and so are Paul and Steve. One night a month ago when staying with Sam and Paul after going to a party that Steve could not make, a drunk Mandy and Paul "pleasured" each other. This has continued regularly since then.

As a direct consequence, Sam suspects that Paul is playing away but not sure with whom and meets with Steve to find out if he knows who she is. Somehow they end up fucking in a multi-story car park about the same time as Paul is giving Mandy her latest shafting! Later that evening both married couples back home have the best sex they have had together in ages neither aware of what happened earlier in the day to the other.

Steve tells Mandy that he met with Sam and that she suspects Paul is playing away. Steve suggests the four meet up to see if they can help sort it out. Mandy agrees as she feels she cannot keep it a secret any longer. Now read on......................

Mandy was getting more nervous as the day progressed. Had it been the right decision to contact Samantha and suggest the four met up that evening. How would she approach to subject?

"Hi Sam I have been fucking your husband Paul for a month now, is that OK? How about you fuck my husband Steve too? "Or "Hey Steve, I love being married to you and you fuck me so good with your super thick cock, but Paul fucks me pretty good too, so if you fancy Sam then how about fucking with her and then everything will be fine"

Steve had sort of hinted yesterday for the first time that he fancied Samantha, was that a bluff or for real? It was such a mess, but now Steve had told her that Samantha knew that Paul was being unfaithful she felt they had to come clean. Maybe, just maybe, it might just work out!

Mandy on the other hand was still unsure if she should contact Paul and discuss the situation ahead of their arrival that evening. It might make things worse. Better maybe to see Sam's reaction. Whatever happened it was sure to change the overall relationship between the four of them. If only Steve had not missed the party she and Paul might never have got to this point!!


Samantha was sat in their bedroom at her make up table applying her bright red lipstick going through the same nervousness. Mandy had messaged her to suggest they all meet up, nothing strange in that except it had been only a few hours after Steve and her knew they had crossed the red line and fucked in a multi-story car park of all places. No reason or comment, just an abrupt message! So unlike Mandy who was usually effusive in her messages between them as expected from a long and close friend! It was one thing to manage the mistake or not she and Steve had made, but she was still worried about who it was that Paul had been screwing. Despite their amazing intimacy late yesterday, she was still sure he was playing away. Paul come into view in the mirror and spoke.

"Love it when you wear that red lippy! Hmmm cock sucking red. Always makes me hard for you, like right now". She smiled at him and stuck her tongue out in jest.

"Well there's no time for that now, we are already late. You will just have to keep that cock of yours under control for now. I know it's hard". A subtle dig she thought. Paul did not read it that way at all.

"Too right it's hard, not sure it can stay in this state until we get back home" Sam smiled again and then looked down as she spoke, not wanting to see his reaction.

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