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Straight Outta Romance 1 (fm:romantic, 6755 words)

Author: jwdoney
Added: Aug 07 2018Views / Reads: 717 / 507 [71%]Story vote: 9.85 (13 votes)
An all too true, very revealing story that peels back the covers of my life, answers many questions, and sets sail with my retirement from writing. Sometimes we actually get what we want, regardless of the cost.

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With two jobs, a promotion, a busy life, and too much to do in not enough time to do it, I simply cannot find the time to stop, think, and write. No matter how good a story is, many of them end up open ended and unfinished. Unless you're a writer, I can't explain it. I was happiest when I was writing ALICIA AND THE BIKINI STORE. It was wacky, fun, exciting and sexy. Sure it went off the rails with Aston Martins and Deloreans, Josh slept with EVERYONE, and no one ever got pregnant. It was fun to write, exciting to read, and it gave me something to focus on when life was drowning me. I tried with SUN AND FUN then THE WEDDING, but just creating chaos does not tell a story.

This is a blend of reality and fiction using myself and people I know in settings and scenarios that are 90 percent real but also are 10 percent not. This story exists where Kennedy, Sara and Holly do not, but Jennifer does. The shocking revelation of Holly, Sara and Kennedy that you are about to read is truthful and painful, but necessary. "I" or "Joe" is me and every character is based on someone I actually know and interact with, but to allow the fun to happen, I have to be honest and admit shamefully that Kennedy, Sara and Holly do not exist and never did. Confused? Don't be. Everything will make sense in a hurry. Just relax, read and enjoy. Every name has been changed and descriptions have been altered, because some of my friends and coworkers read my stories. This will be a long, detailed story with some sex in it, not the other way around. I have hundreds of stories written and posted, so if you're looking for a quick release, this is not going to be it.

Any people, places, names, products or events mentioned or inferred are done so without permission or endorsement. This is a work of reality with some fiction mixed in. Most of these events have taken place... most of them!

My name is Joe, I am 48 years old, single, and in decent shape. I could exercise more and eat better, but at 5' 11" with short graying black hair, I do okay. I work full time as a lottery clerk at a local pharmacy, a part time job that turned into full time because of something l did. Continuously! There's plenty of time to explain that, and I will, but the job is how I met the woman who changed everything for me. I've reached the point after my separation and divorce where I am meeting women, dating, even hooking up, but what I really want is to find the right woman and stay with her, keep her, be happy. At the store, I have the fortune to be surrounded by females of all kinds and types, various ages and interests, and some of them are actually single. Now if I was writing this... inside joke... there would already be a supermodel babe throwing herself at me, begging for sex and commitment, and I would be sleeping with her friends, sisters, family and so on.

I can make fun of my writing because I write it, but in real life... until now... I never actually had a situation like I am about to describe. Until now...

I have to start somewhere, and go from there, so let's start with Kelly. Kelly is my boss, and unlike my stories and imagination, there was no lust fuse burning and we were not lovers. I like her, she rebuffs me, let's move on. Kelly is good looking, in great shape, and runs the store. The pharmacists act as managers, supervisors really, but Kelly is in charge of everyone and everything. Kelly is 37, 5' 10", has shoulder length brown hair and is in really good shape. Kelly is easily an "9" except I never bothered rating her because besides being the boss, she's made it clear she will not date or hang out with anyone who works for her. She's not cold, rude or bitchy, Kelly is just the boss and clear about it. I like a challenge and I flirt like it's my job, so Kelly has taken me aside a few times and said "You have got to stop. Besides being sexual harassment, I will not date anyone who works for me, not even you Romeo". The last time she said that to me, I smiled and said "Then I quit". Kelly said "I won't let you, give it a rest and get back to work".

Oddly, three days after that exchange, Kelly offered me a raise and full time. Hmmm...

Meanwhile there is Brandi, a knockout blonde who works the lottery counter with me, is married, and off limits. She's also 27, smoking hot, loves to wear tight leggings and tighter t-shirts, and flirts on my level. So days become weeks, weeks become months, and before I knew

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