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Earth: The Breeding Grounds (fm:sci-fi/fantasy, 3558 words)

Author: Geminine Picture in profile
Added: Aug 07 2018Views / Reads: 822 / 631 [77%]Story vote: 9.45 (11 votes)
Commander Michelle and a rookie officer, Bridgette, are sent on a mission to Earth. With the semen supply running low on Venus, they must capture a Martian who scavenges the planet and refill their breeding machines. Upon landing, however, they realize th

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"Since this is your first Martian hunt, I'm gonna need you to listen to every word I say. The breeding facilities on Venus is in short supply of semen, so our mission is to land on Earth, where Martians scavenge, and capture as many as we can. We are now descending into the atmosphere..."

Their boots smacked the retractable stairway and echoed through the dense green jungle, alerting any indigenous species of their presence.

Commander Michelle raised her hand, halting the rookie in front of the oval spaceship. Michelle wore a black jumper, as dark as her hair which was in a tight bun, with a silver badge on her right breast which symbolized her rank. It glimmered underneath the sunlight through the trees. Her brown eyes scanned the jungle.

"What the fuck is this?" Bridgette asked in a similar jumper. The gangly blonde gestured with her head.

Sex acts were carved into the tree trunks, stick figures copulating in every position imaginable.

"Do they not teach you this in the training exercise?" Michelle's eyes searched the jungle for any movement. "The Martians still practice the barbaric ways of breeding."

"Ugh!" Bridgette pressed a button on the side of her gun. It wailed and emitted an orange glow from the barrel, like the fiery mouth of a dragon. She did a sweep with her weapon.

"As revolting as it may seem, it's a good way to store what we're here for."

"Semen?" Bridgette shot a glance to Michelle. "Commander, are you suggesting I"

"No, no, no. That's a last resort. We're here to take the Martians back to Venus." Michelle held a hand to the power button on her chest. "Power up."

The troops pressed the button on their one-piece suits. Lights trailed through each appendage before connecting at the chest. The suits jerked and came to life.

"Ahhhhh!" a pleasure-filled moan shot through the wilderness.

Bridgette's anxious energy took control of her body. She charged through the jungle, creating a path of destruction. She brushed by trees, jumped over fallen logs, and ran up the side of the steep cliff.

"I didn't give an order!" Michelle yelled. She then growled under her breath. "You have to listen or we're fucked..."


At the cliff's clearing, Bridgette bent at the waist and rested her hands on her knees. She inhaled the warm air as Michelle climbed up behind her. In front, the entrance to a gloomy cave beckoned them. The mouth bent like a crooked smile; a mischievous face, hoping to trick them into the belly of a beast.

"Hmmm... I don't know about th" Bridgette started to speak, but a moan resounded from the pit of darkness.

Michelle pressed a button on her gun and aimed it, shining her path with the orange glow from the barrel. She eased inside with the metallic dragon gripped tightly in her palms. The bellowing moans resonated from the pit of the mountain's stomach. She scanned the cave with the weapon's light and suddenly stopped.

Michelle spotlighted a naked woman in the back, surrounded by two boulders. Despite being in the dirty cave, her pear-shaped figure appeared clean. She had burnt-orange hair and perky breasts with large pink areolas. She sat in her rocky throne, right arm splayed across the boulder while the left hand played with her clit. She didn't even react to the light singling her out. She tilted her head back against the

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Jo Jo writes Tue 7 Aug 2018 13:28:

Love it

Joanne xxx


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