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My Work Fantasy (fm:one-on-one, 1062 words)

Author: Quinix
Added: Aug 08 2018Views / Reads: 1836 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 9.33 (15 votes)
Meeting a confident woman at a social event turns to a lusty hotel room affair.

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So I thought for once I would write something fictional, it's been very fun writing so I hope you all enjoy 

Owning my own business I get to go to a lot of networking events and fancy dinners, usually uneventful until someone gets drunk and spills secrets they shouldn't have. This was like any other, the function room of a grand hotel, made out to be far more up market than it was in reality, filled with businessmen and women alike, swapping details and cards.

Making my way through the crowd of people on the far side of the room I see a catch a glimpse of a woman talking between two men. She is clearly powerful, in charge, she was voluptuous and curvy, red hair and eyes to get lost in. Her black and pink dress showed off the cleavage of her 36E breasts with the perfect mix of sexuality and class. As both men walked off I made my way over to introduce myself, we spoke for a while about work and exchanged business cards, Alice was her name. We went to the bar and got a few more drinks, one or two more turned to several and before we knew it the night was turning to morning and we had been speaking for hours. In this time I had learnt she was the PA of the head of an important firm in a vanilla relationship with her boss.

Last orders are called at the bar and we both agree to take our final drink upstairs and say goodbye for the night. As we made our way upstairs, my room was on the 5th floor hers the 6th so we took the lift. As the lift ascended, I ironically got a sinking feeling that this would actually be goodbye for good, which after an entertaining night, would definitely have been regrettable. At the 5th floor the elevator stops, as I go to step out the elevator she pulls me back in, dropping my drink I turn, pin her against the side and kiss her passionately against the side of the lift.

As we reach the next floor the doors open and we find someone waiting there, embarrassed we both run down the corridor to her room. Fumbling the keys she unlocks the door and we enter. Pinning her to the wall I kiss her neck, my hand caressing down the curves of her body and back up to grope her breasts. I hear her moan as I press my body against her, being sure she can feel my growing cock against her. She turns it around to pin me to the wall, biting my neck, hand running up the inside of my leg. I push her back towards the bed until she falls on to it, lifting her dress reveals some lacey blue lingerie which I pull down. I kiss my way up her leg to the inside of her thigh, "stop teasing me" she moans. I decide to give her what she wants, my tongue comes across to gently lick her clit. She lets out a gasp and squeezed my head with her thighs... as she loosens her grip I move a finger up and slide it in to her. Her pussy is tight but wet, definitely ready for two fingers so I slip a second in. it doesn't take long until she is getting wetter, moans getting louder... I feel her pussy squeeze against my fingers as she starts to cum, speeding up she moans "I'm cumming", her thighs squeeze me once against and her pussy forces my fingers out.

After a minute or so of intense orgasm she has recovered and craving cock. She moves on to her knees and I stand up. She rushes to unzip my trousers and undo my belt while I take off my shirt. As she pulls down my trousers and then my boxers, revealing my hard cock. Thick, veiny and uncircumsized, she wastes no time getting her lips around it. She is happy with the salty taste of pre-cum and finds herself keenly deepthroating the whole length. She takes a break to strip off and we are both now totally naked. The sound of her sucking my cock, slurping and moaning makes me harder and my cock starts twitching and throbbing in her mouth.

Both ready to fuck, I throw her back on to the bed, holding her ankles and legs wide, my cock slides in to her pussy, first the head between her lips then the shaft, we both moan with pleasure. Her pussy is tight but takes the thickness of my cock just fine as it slides all the way in. We start fucking rough, my cock rubbing against her gspot. You can tell a confident woman in the bedroom and Alice was one, she was playing with her nipples and stroking her clit, eyes rolling back, toes curling, loving every second. "fuck I wish my man would fuck me like this" she moaned, which did nothing but spur me on more and more.

Close to cumming but almost embarrassed I tried to buy myself a little more time. I pulled out and motioned for her to turn over to fuck her from behind. She turned over, kneeling on the bed, the perfect height for me to fuck her. I pull her hips to me, once again sliding the head of my cock between her pussy lips. Grabbing her hips I fuck her hard, every inch of my cock deep inside. She arches her back with pleasure so I pull her hair, the moment growing in intensity. As she starts to cum I can feel her pussy squeeze my cock and her legs go weak. The sexuality of the moment is too much and I shoot my cum inside her as she cums simultaneously with me. We both moan and grunt with pleasure.

After cleaning off in the bathroom she is laid in bed and I am getting dressed once again. As I get ready to leave she says, "you have my business card and my number, I'll let you choose if you want to contact me again, but I hope this is not the last time we meet for ‘business'". Chuckling at her cheesey sarcasm I leave the room to make way to my own...

The End!

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Aristokatt writes Mon 13 Aug 2018 16:44:

Wow, this is so hot!


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